December 18, 2012

Christmas Greetings

Each year the Christmas greetings not only impart good wishes and hopes for us all, but they also hold out to us something of the stories of mercy lived, loved and experienced in ministries across the Mercy world.

As we bring this year of sharing our global Mercy story to its conclusion, we invite you to tell us all how it has been for you in your ministry - through an anecdote, a greeting, a prayer, a wish, a dream you have or a plan for 2013...

Writing to Frances Warde on 23rd December 1837, Catherine McAuley expressed the following wish:

May God preserve and bless you and grant you all the graces and precious gifts reserved for this Holy Season.

We make this our wish for all our Sisters, Associates, Partners in Ministry,Friends in Mercy and for our families colleagues and all to whom we minister.

In the light of the specific focus of MIA Global Action- Cosmology/Eco Justice and Opposing Human Trafficking - we pray:

Astounding grace, all creation rejoices in your coming: Help us to reverence your gift of creation and all with whom we share it.
Vulnerable child, at your coming a woman and child showed forth your enduring love: May we raise our voices for the vulnerable ones, especially for those who are the victims of human trafficking.

Peaceful one, you brought the grace of gentleness to our violent world: Encourage us in our efforts to renew our ravaged lands, our war torn countries, our weary hearts.

May the peace of the newborn Saviour be with you.
May the joy of the angels find voice in you
May the gift of God be given to you this Christmas.

Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

December 1840, Catherine McAuley writes, "We have one solid comfort amidst this little tripping about: our hearts can always be in the same place, centered in God - for whom alone we go forward - or stay back."

This December, over 170 years since her message, we give thanks for Catherine McAuley and her legacy to each of us. We give thanks for the gift of faith and pray for that constant center. We know the love of a ministry shared, the ministry of Mercy education. Our hearts are full of care - for one another and those we serve. We pray for the peace longed for by so many and seek to bring peace to any experience of conflict. With each candle lit, each song sung, each gathering shared, may God be with us as we celebrate the birth that makes hope possible.

Merry Christmas from the Network for Mercy Education


May each of you know the beautiful gift that you are during this most holy season.
Blessings of peace and great joy as together we welcome Jesus, our savior and redeemer.

Lincoln Sigwald
Mercy Associate
Director of Mercy Association

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
South Central Community

The Leadership team of the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) sends greetings to Sisters of Mercy and their colleagues across the globe for a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

As we begin a new year, may our collective efforts and good will enable us to make a difference in the lives of those with whom we live and minister in the name of the God of Mercy.

From Kiunga, a significant but small remote place in PNG, to Mercy sisters , associates and colleagues all over the world, abundant blessings of peace and joy,

Maureen Sexton rsm

My wish, and I know it is also the wish of our CMHE Board of Directors, is that each of our 17 member institutions, Mercy colleges and universities across the US, will be ready and able to do whatever it takes to retain and grow their identity as institutions of higher education within the mission of the Sisters of Mercy.

Catherine McAuley's legacy deserves nothing less...and our present and future global citizens deserve our finest efforts to offer Catholic higher education rooted in Mercy values and ethos.

Wishing all blessings at Christmas and peace in the new year.

Moya K. Dittmeier, EdD
Executive Director
Conference for Mercy Higher Education

I send greetings to you and all the Sisters of Mercy that I know here in Belfast Northern Ireland, especially Evelyn McDevitt and Maureen McKiney.

Wishing all of you the peace and Joy of this Christmas time.

Tony Fullerton

Romania sends greetings and good wishes to all involved in `Mercy` for a happy, peaceful, joyous Christmas.

May you encounter many blessings from the Lord in 2013.

Rose Carmel rsm


May God preserve and bless you and grant you all the graces and precious gifts reserved for this holy season.
Catherine McAuley

We are happy to be of service to Mercy International Association and want you to know that you and the network of relationships around the world form the heart of the ministry of development and fundraising. We pray for you and ask that you pray for us at this holy time.

Mary Waskowiak rsm - Director of Development - Fundraising

Brittany Soracco - Database Manager, Admin Assistant

During this Christmas Season and

throughout 2013

May we experience the Radiance

of God’s tender Compassion

Incarnate in our lives and mission.


Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Christmas Greetings and blessings to our Sisters, Associates and Partners in Ministry worldwide from Sr. Patricia Bell and the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy, Great Britain.

May the love, joy and peace of the first Christmas fill your hearts and homes and may 2013 be richly blessed for you and for all to whom you reach out in Mercy. We pray especially for world peace and an equal sharing of resources.

May we all welcome and open our hearts to the Christ Child Incarnate in the whole of creation. This is my prayer this Christmas.

Beannachtai na Feile,
Agnes Coll, Dublin, S.C.P.

The Leadership Team of the Union of the Sisters of Mercy GB send warm and loving greetings to the Mercy Family throughout the world.

May Christ Jesus, who became human and shared our earthly life, strengthen our faith, enliven our charity and grant us mercy.

Affectionate Christmas Greetings to all Mercy Sisters, Associates, Families and Friends!

We shall remember you all in our Christmas Eve and Day Masses.
Many thanks for all your support in all our undertakings in our ministries and concerns. Wishing you all special blessings of peace and joy!

Religious Sisters of Mercy, Philippines

As this year draws to a close may all Mercy Sisters, Associates and Volunteers have a bless Christmas and New Year. May all through Catherine McAuley intersession received peace love that fill your heart. This is my pray I prayed for each one of you through out the Mercy World.

So all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and God Bless to all.

Anne Simons, Mercy Associate, Canberra, Australia.

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

Sisters of Mercy Tuam.



Tender all hearts...
as you journey this season.
May the blessing of
Christmas birth dwell deep within you.

From the Institute Leadership Team
of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Created by Sister Mary Kay Eichman (Mid-Atlantic)


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