July 22, 2019

Circle of Mercy Album Turns 25!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the “Circle of Mercy” album, co-produced by Sisters Delores Nieratka and Brigid Johnson. The album features 14 songs chosen from among the 40 contributed by sisters and associates around the world. The songs include “Circle of Mercy” and two versions of Catherine McAuley’s “Suscipe,” one by Sister Elaine Deasy and one by Erica Marshall from Australia. Production of the album coincided with the 1994 dedication of the restored Mercy International Center in Dublin; Mercy Communities from around the world funded it with their contributions.

If you are interested in purchasing a cassette or CD, email or call Brigid at bjohnsonrsm@gmail.com or 734-604-4113.

CDs can also be purchased from Mercy International Centre Gift Shop

Play the album online here
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