October 29, 2007

Circle of Mercy (Northern Province) Annual Day of Commitment and Re-Commitment

Saturday 13th October saw our Annual Day of Commitment and Re-Commitment when 64 members renewed their Commitment and 12 made their first Commitment in Castleblaney.

Sr. Chris hegarty. who skilfully co-ordinated the event, led everyone in prayer.

The Floral Centrepiece, created by Catherine McEvoy, symbolised Mercy, Compassion and Commitment.

Sr. Bonnie Brennan spoke on the Commitment in the life of Catherine and our own Commitment to the Circle of Mercy. Paying tribute to Catherine's followers who, for 180 years have continued that Commitment to the Works of Mercy, Bonnie said "Now we are in a new moment in history when the question of the continuance of the Works of Mercy in the spirit of Catherine McAuley is being raised once more. Referring to the decline in vocations, she asked, "Is the flame flickering? Who will fan it into a fire and carry it, as in a sacred vessel, protecting it to pass on to future generations?

".......... maybe Catherine's original vision is to be realised - that of lay ministers of Mercy being called to keep her dream alive. I believe that if she were here today she would rejoice at the blend of Sisters of Mercy and other lay People of Mercy joining forces to bring Mercy into the 21st Century.

Sacred Movement to "Christ has no body now but yours", beautifully choreographed by Ballinamore Circle followed, and was a very fitting introduction to the Procession of Symbols .

Circles brought their own "Symbol", representing the nature of their group and emphasising that the flame of Catherine's Dream is still burning bright. The highlight of the day was the Commitment Ceremony, when new members from Downpatrick, Navan and Rochfortbridge made their First Commitment before the remainder 64 members made their Re-Commitment.

Just before the closing hymn, (Circle of Mercy) Sr. Rose Marie Conlon (Leadership Team) gave her blessing and affirmation to the group.

The Day of Commitment was one of energy, empowerment and enthusiasm where old friends met, new friends were made and Catherine McAuley was the centre of attention.

The day concluded with a celebratory meal which was a fitting conclusion to a wonderful "Circle of Mercy Day".

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