October 30, 2019

Circle Report from Newfoundland

We, a reflection circle of Sisters of Mercy, NL, express our deep gratitude for the incredibly rich and diverse reflections on Cosmology. We are delighted!

Our musings:

A new cosmological narrative with “Cosmos meaning all creation, the entire universe, every dimension of time and space (spiritual and material)” is one of “a global heartbeat” in “kinship as a planetary community”. In uniqueness, we are “aligned” /”in harmony”/ “in wonder”/”delight”/”bending low…play-ful” as “one with the heartbeat of God”.

 We are in “accompaniment” with God who is forever “companioning” and who has “mercified the universe into being” (with Mercy being “the very heartbeat of God resonant in creation”). “An entire creation has been groaning in one great act of giving birth in an evolving universe”, a universe “where the more we know, the more we need to know.”

As interconnected and interdependent, we must “see ourselves related to the poor”, and thus “feel compelled to limit our consumer patterns to aid the poor or to develop alternate economies.” We are “participators in God’s continuous creation” as we “trust in the slow work of God” and “that [God’s] hand is leading [us].”  

Marcella Grant, rsm, Theresa Boland, rsm, Eileen Penney, rsm,  Frances Flynn, rsm, Dolorosa Brennan, rsm, Sheila O’Dea, rsm,  Alverna Harnett, rsm, Loretta Walsh, rsm,  Elizabeth Marrie rsm

Messages to: Elizabeth Marrie rsm-MGP Coordinator

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