September 29, 2013

'Come and See Catherine’s Dublin, Yesterday and Today' (MIA)

'Come and see' is a familiar invitation across all of our countries and languages. Mary Waskowiak rsm presently serves as the first MIA Director of Development-Fundraising. Prompted by the interest of a special major donor, Sister Mary created the opportunity for potential donors and new/potential staff to 'Come and see Catherine’s Dublin, yesterday and today'.


                      Aine Barrins rsm (left) and Associate Anne Reid welcome tour group members to Coolock House.

Led by the gifted expertise of Sisters Mary Reynolds, Mary Sullivan, Àine Barrins, Mary Kay Dobrovolny and Associate Anne Reid, the U.S.-based tour group experienced Catherine’s first house at Baggot Street, as well as her home with William and Catherine Callaghan at Coolock House. Between both locations, they had a “mini-bus tour” of Dublin, looking at where Catherine had been born and where she lived prior to moving in to assist the Callaghan couple.

The third day of the tour took the guests from Dublin to Mercy’s global action commitment across continents. Associate Director for Global Action, Mary Purcell organized the day to include reports on the purpose of global action and its focus on human trafficking, the right to clean water and the focused efforts to eliminate dangerous mining practices, especially that of fracking. The reports were made real by presentations from Mary Purcell, Mary Ryan rsm. Denise Boyle fmdm, Carmel Bracken rsm, Betty Lacey and United Nations Mercy representative, Aine O’Connor rsm. In the midst of this very rich day, the tour group visited the U.S. Embassy where they were graciously received with a tour, stories and a report on U.S.-Irish relations in the face of current global issues.

Front Row: l-r:  Mary Waskowiak rsm, Rita Valade rsm, Helen Amos rsm, Jean Hartman, Mary Catherine Bunting, Charlotte Kiesel
Back Row: l-r: Alex Bennett, Mary Mulholland, Bryan Pini, Brittany Soracco, Joe Vaughn

The tour culminated in the Mercy Day celebration at Mercy International Centre with over 150 Mercy sisters, associates and friends. The group said good-bye to one another and especially wished deep blessing on Joe Vaughn, an Irish man who recently retired from Mater Hospital in Dublin and will soon begin his service as the first lay person Director at Mater Hospital in Kenya.

Mary Waskowiak is eager to assist groups across the world who would like to visit Catherine’s Dublin. Please contact her at

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