December 01, 2003

Communications Workshop for Great Britain

Recently we were pleased to welcome Sister Adele Howard and Anne Walsh to our country to lead us in a workshop on Communications. Sisters from the Institute, Federation and Union gathered in the Kairos Centre, Roehampton. The day was full of surprises as we travelled through time, space and technology exploring all the possibilities that the Internet has to offer us particularly our Mercy Website.

Adele stressed the importance of the theology of communication as we share our story and that of the Gospel message with others. As Sisters of Mercy we need to tell our story and we have that opportunity of doing so on the CD ROM: Mercy and Justice shall Meet which was commissioned by MIA. It promises to be a very exciting production. and will be launched in Dublin in May 2004.

We can also share our story on the Mercy World Website. The new version of the website is dynamic and exciting. It was launched on 11th November 2003 to coincide with the anniversary of the death of Catherine McAuley - a beautiful gift for the Sisters of Mercy. Thank you to the Fraynework Team.

I was privileged to be part of their filming and interviewing of Sisters connected with the first (Bermondsey in 1839) and last (Birmingham in 1841) foundation made by Catherine McAuley. This footage will be used in the CDROM.

Angela Moroney rsm

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