January 20, 2020

Cosmic Wreaths from South Africa

For epiphany our community decided to use the candles from the advent wreath with the following interpretation.

The amber candle was just behind the nativity scene. It represents our birth into this life so we are present at the nativity scene. The magi were represented by the other three candles. So we are bringing the energy of the birth of the cosmos (blue), the birth of the solar system (green) and the birth of Christ (red) into the nativity scene thus seeing the celebration of the birth of Christ, the magi bringing their gifts, as well as the light of Christ, given at Christmas (the candles), as a cosmic event.

The advent wreaths shown below were created by a family member of a Sister of Mercy and by a friend of the Mercies in South Africa so we are spreading Mercy Global Presence beyond the Mercy community to our wider Mercy Family.

Other people did create wreaths but did not send photos.

Blessings from South Africa.


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