November 17, 2019

Create a Cosmic Wreath for Advent

Credit: NASA, ESA, & Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration

In keeping with our MGP Segment ‘Global’, and in particular the theme ‘Cosmos/Cosmology’, we are pleased to provide the instructions for creating a Cosmic Advent Wreath. We are grateful to Gen Cassani SSND for sharing her artwork in this way.

In responding to our invitation, Sr Gen shared her ‘joy in the fact that cosmic advent wreaths will grace many in a new way this year and hopefully beyond.’

We echo her hope and wish you all the graces of this Advent Season.

There are two PDFs to download.

FIRST is the 2-sided Laudato Si' cosmic advent wreath paper design, with the the four major births of the Cosmos that have brought us to this moment in history: birth of the universe, birth of the solar system, birth of Jesus the Christ, your birth into the whole cosmic body of the universe.

Download the PDF here (US Letter)

Print singly. Use the first page as the centerpiece of the wreath display, or you may wish to download a large size digital copy of the image from the NASA site and use that instead.

The SECOND is the candle lighting prayers, 2 pages, which when printed double-sided and cut lengthwise becomes two copies of the candle prayers back to back.

Download the PDF here (US Letter)

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