May 19, 2016

Deirdre Mullan rsm Receives Spirit of Mercy Award (The Congregation)

Deirdre Mullan rsm (The Congregation) was the recipient of one of the three Spirit of Mercy Awards presented at the Yale Club, New York City on 10 May, 2016.

L-r: Sisters Kathleen Keenan, Honoree Deirdre Mullan,
Carol Conly and Carol Rittner
at the recent Evening of Mercy in New York City

Sister Pat Vetrano, President of the Mid-Atlantic Sisters of Mercy, who welcomed ovet 200 guests at the event said: 'Tonight we honour three extraordinary individuals who manifest Mercy – Daniel E. Martin (CEO – Housing Partnership Development Corporation), Sister Deirdre Mullan (UNICEF – Partnership with Religious Congregations) and Gerard Mc Caffrey, (CEO – Mercy First). These three honorees authentically reflect God’s mercy in their work and witness the mission and values of the Sisters of Mercy.'

In her acceptance speech Sister Deirdre commented:
A big Thank you for your citation which humbles me deeply because it makes me once again aware of the many wonderful opportunities I have had in my life for justice at different levels in various capacities. God has indeed been very good to me. I am also deeply grateful to each of you gathered here this evening, men and women who have collaborated with me in the great enterprise of making a difference in our broken and fragmented world.

Am evening like this makes me pause and remember with gratitude the journey that is called LIFE, and, we cannot have an evening of Mercy without recalling Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.

Catherine was a woman who could read the signs of the times. Schooled by her father on the importance of service with compassion, she was determined to make that treasure available to all. It was right after the penal days in Ireland and Catherine knew that solid education was a way out of poverty for a destitute population. She knew that educating girls in fact meant educating families, communities and even entire nations. Today we would probably characterize her as an advocate for women’s education!

When I received the invitation to accept the Mercy honour I was stunned, but upon reflection realized that I indeed could accept this great honor because of the work of our Sisters on the ground and because of many of you gathered here this evening.

Because of YOU, small schools have been built in Cambodia, Kenya, Sudan and soon in Zambia. Because of YOU, thousands of girls have been given scholarships and can now live with hope. Because of YOU, a young man who was raised in the Mukura slums in Nairobi and who received one of our scholarships today heads up security here at UN headquarters. The list of lives that have been changed is endless and I hope you too, my friends, have been changed too. As Warren Buffet reminds us: Someone is sitting under the shade because someone planted a tree!

Together, you and I are agents of change scattering possibility wherever we go and so on your behalf, and on behalf of the thousands of children who now sit in little classrooms throughout the globe, I accept this award.
I am both humbled and grateful.
Thank YOU

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