May 08, 2019

Delay in Mercy Global Presence (MGP) Emerging Programme

As we planned for the launch of the Mercy Global Presence Emerging programme, we became aware that we would benefit from a short pause. Some areas have requested more time to negotiate the process, timeline and way of involvement. Just as in the organisation of MIRP, we are open to the surprises of an organic process that honours diversity, global inclusivity and new challenges and directions.

Therefore, we have decided to postpone the proposed launch until late September 2019. Delays in the launch of MIRP resulted in it coincidentally being launched in the Year of Mercy; a delay this time in the launch of the programme for Mercy Global Presence Emerging means that it will coincide with the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the opening of Mercy International Centre (24 - 26 September 2019) and the already scheduled programme of Mercy Global Presence Exploration (30 September - 03 October 2019).

Many people hold that there are no co-incidences - only God incidences and that God often directs our lives through coincidences! Relying on that belief, we will use this waiting time to prepare for a process that will help us find new images, new language and new theology of Mercy for this time and into the future. The widespread involvement of theologians, artists, grassroots ministers and global thinkers from the many and various cultures of our Mercy world will be a gifted and precious means of achieving our desired outcome.

Messages to: the MIRP Continuation Group (Mary Reynolds rsm, Elizabeth Davis rsm, Anne Walsh)

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