September 20, 2018

Dun Laoghaire Convent MIRP Project

During our MIRP programme, Sr.Margaret Reid noticed a branch of Aldi being built on Sallynoggin Road right opposite a small Fruit and Vegetable shop. Her common sense told her what a death blow that could be to Darren the owner, who depended on the shop for his livelihood.  So how to save his shop? Next day we approached Darren to know if he would deliver to our community of 23 here in Dunlaoghaire. Of course he was delighted to oblige.

However about a year later I was sad to see a "For Sale" notice on the little shop.

But thankfully Darren continues to go to the market with his van each morning at 4.30 and begins his round of deliveries to his faithful customers.

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