March 19, 2019

Each Trying to Do What we Can

For understandable reasons, our MIRP group in Rochester, New York, has not formally met since 2016, but we have each been trying to do what we can to save and protect our precious water. I myself am grateful to be collaborating with the whole Mercy family on this central issue with respect to Earth’s well-being. And I try to do the following mundane things:

--I take fewer baths and showers and that seems okay.

--I try not to waste water by letting faucets run unnecessarily.

--I never buy or drink bottled water.

--I use the water in which potatoes, etc., were boiled to water house plants.

-- I observe the “family rule” about when/when not to flush the toilet.

--I have joined five large environmental organizations and regularly sign their many email or paper petitions to the U.S. government, advocating the conservation and protection of clean water.

--And I try to use the water I use each day deeply mindful of my vulnerable sisters and brothers on this Earth who do not have clean water or enough of it.

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