July 15, 2014


My work is loving the world Mary Oliver. ‘Messenger’ in Thirst (2006)

Earthkin is a network committed to loving, reverencing and celebrating the Earth Community. We realize Earth is part of an evolving cosmic tapestry that unfolds as a whole. We appreciate the inherent worth; interior depth and uniqueness of each thread in this communal weave of life. We sense Divine presence, holiness and creativity embedded within the whole and the whole within it.

As members of Earthkin network we encourage each other to keep developing the spiritual and ecological dimensions of our lives through nature walks, reading, reflection, poetry, painting, conversation, education, workshops, retreats and contemplation. The beauty of life’s essential harmony and oneness impels us to reach out continually to embrace members of Earth community.

Everything and everyone belongs.

We try to live simply and sustainably and engage in social political actions to good, respect the Earth Charter and the rights of each species.

Explanation of the Earthkin symbol
A circle illustrates the essential unity of planet earth, our world, our home. The sun at the centre depicts the Divine reality present in the initial flaring forth and in all beings. It reminds us that all share the same origin and will share the same destiny. Flames moving out call to mind the energy and beauty of Earth. The rotation, from the land, to water, to mammals and then to humans, traces part of the evolutionary pattern. The Three Sisters, the water, whale, ring-tailed possum and humans reflect the Australian environment. The image as a whole demonstrates a desire to embody unity consciousness, respect differences, care for the earth and reach out in whatever way we can to ‘welcome the Stranger’ as part of Earthkin.

On Saturday June 21 as participants in Earthkin Mercy Parramatta, we gathered together to participate in the Council of All Beings. This ritual was explained and facilitated by John Seed who created it with Johanna Macy.

As well as enjoying the experience of mask- making and speaking on behalf of beings who have little voice in the human community, we were challenged to expand our understanding of our Ecological Self.

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