April 19, 2011

Easter Hope

Last week, the Dalai Lama visited Ireland and his message was one very relevant to our Mercy mission of compassion as well as linking closely to the Paschal mystery we celebrate this Holy Week.

He spoke in particular about the power of compassion, love, forgiveness and tolerance, and said these are the cornerstones across all religions. He said he had made religious harmony his lifelong commitment, as well as promoting the human values of compassion and forgiveness.

He had a particular message for young people and the education system. He urged parents and teachers to train young people in compassion and said that they could learn the value of compassion through attitude and actions and a genuine smile.

The audience gave him a standing ovation when he urged them never to give up hope

This Easter let us celebrate the great gift of hope which makes us have that confidence in God and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.

May the glory and the promise of this joyous time of year bring a hope and happiness and a smile to all of us !
Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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