January 19, 2018

Education Tradition Within Mercy Programme a First for 2018

The first programme for 2018 at Mercy International Centre (MIC) saw 15 people gather for a week to explore the education tradition within Mercy.  For some participants, this was a return visit to MIC and the focus on education provided a new perspective for exploring Mercy. For others, already familiar with the Mercy story, this was their first opportunity to participate in a programme at the Centre.  

The topics covered included the political and social context of Catherine McAuley’s time and why her educational focus was so significant; the influence of the educational systems of the time; the ways in which the early communities adapted to change; how Catherine nurtured the early Mercy communities, creating a climate of kindness and compassion which is an antidote to climates where bullying can prevail; the administrative challenges Catherine faced that have resonance with issues faced by school administrators today, and a exploration of the concerns of Mercy Global Action with follow up as to how service learning in schools can best prepare young mercy leaders for the future.

The following comment sums up the experience for one participant:

'The week presented a richly reflective program that asks us to ensure the work we do is relevant for our current context while remaining true to Catherine's mission. The full immersion in Catherine's place and story is inspirational, moving me forward to be better in my work, stronger in my responsibilities to care for people and our world and more aware of my behaviour as a leader.'

This programme will be offered again from the 9 – 13 July 2018 Some places are still available should you wish to participate in this experience.

Messages to: Anna Nicholls rsm- Team Leader Heritage & Spirituality

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