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Mercy e-News
Edition No. 565  |  14 May 2014
Featured Story

Editor. This week we conclude the series on the developments in digital communications at MIA over the past twenty years by tracing the creation, development and continuing impact of Mercy E-news.

From the beginning of the Institute the letters of Catherine McAuley and other Mercy writings have been a source of union and strength among Sisters of Mercy and have become central to Mercy life.

It was in recognition of this that the first issue of Mercy eNews was published on 13 August 2001. That first issue - text only, in letter format, written within the body of an email- was emailed to the 100 Sisters of Mercy world-wide who were known to have email addresses! 'Dear Sisters', Adele Howard rsm began that first issue, '...Today is the first regular weekly Mercy-email among our group...' and for 48 weeks of each year since it has continued to be a weekly publication that now has faithful readers and contributors, not only in the 40+ countries where Sisters of Mercy and their Partners-in-ministry live and minister, but in many other parts of the world.

From the first issue readers were invited to 'contribute the news of your congregation'...'to tell the story of your ministry'...' to send  photos, images, graphics and other items of interest and importance' in order 'to help build a global sense of Mercy'.

'Born in a land, I wake in a globe' wrote the Irish poet Micheal O'Siadhail. For the Mercy family our digital communications have helped us each see that the life and mission of our own part of the Mercy world is more expansive than our local geographical area and region - that we are each an important part of a global reality known as Mercy International.

We invite your feedback on Mercy E-news. How does it help connect, support, nourish, inspire or educate you for your Mercy ministry? What more could be done to extend its outreach? Please let us know.

Sr Mary: We take this opportunity to thank Anne Walsh for her extraordinary commitment to MIA Communications. She has been Editor of E-news since its early days and this week she edits the 565th edition! 

Messages to:
Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA
Anne Walsh - Editor


Image: Copies of Mercy E-news across the years. On the far right is the first issue of Mercy E-news (2001)

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Vision in Action

MIA adds our voice to the international call for the freedom of more than 200 secondary school girls in northeast Nigeria, kidnapped by Jihadist group Boko Haram.

We pray for the safety of these young women, for their anguished parents, families and communities and for all victims of the scourge of trafficking in persons.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

Editor: Last week MIA signed on to a letter at the UN regarding the abduction of the young Nigerian girls. Signing that letter was one action that MIA and all who are part of the Association can take. The letter, along with other possible ways to take action, is linked to this item.

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Further to the alert (Stop Press) in last week's Mercy E-news.
Cathy Solano rsm  (ISMAPNG) spoke to the Religious at the United Nations (RUN) group at the UN recently about the situation in Nuba, Sudan. As a result of Sr Cathy's sharing of her experience, the attached letter of solidarity (below) was prepared by some of the RUN members. MIA signed on to this letter which is addressed to: UN Ambassador for Sudan; HE Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General; Ms. Rashida Manjoo Special Rapporteur on Violence against women, its causes and consequences and Mr. Mutuma Ruteere Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

We ask for your prayers for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sudan.

Read the letter here

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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Editor: Readers are reminded that the programme for the 20th Anniversary Celebrations at Baggot Street is now available online below and on our website linked to this item.

We now invite and encourage you to note the dates and times of the planned events and to circulate this information so that wherever members of the Mercy family are on 23-29 September 2014, all will be able to join in the global circle of Mercy gathering for story-telling, ritual and celebrations.

Download the programme and registration form here (PDF) and registration form (WORD)

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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Contribute to Mercy E-news

6 ways you can contribute to Mercy E-news and help build the global Mercy community online:

  • Share a story from your Mercy community or ministry for publication in Mercy E-news
  • Reproduce a story from Mercy E-news with attribution in your community or ministry publication
  • Send a complimentary email to the contributor of an item you found interesting, informative or helpful
  • Forward a copy of Mercy E-news to a community member or colleague to alert them to this publication
  • Encourage subscriptions amongst the members of your community or ministry workplace
  • Contribute a resource to the 'Further Resources' section

Messages to: the Editor

MIA Members News

Planning to make its telehealth programs and expertise, including stroke-related consultations by neurologists and 24/7 intensive care monitoring of patients in far-flung hospitals, available to other health chains across the country, on 13 May Mercy Health Systems broke ground on a 'virtual care center' in Chesterfield that, beginning in 2015, will house 300 physicians, nurses, technicians, researchers and support staff who focus on the health system’s various telemedicine programs.

Watch the event here- view 'Growing Strong' (02:00)

Messages to: Sonya Kullman - Mercy Media Contact Springfield Communities

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The next offering of commentary on a poem that gives insight into Mercy - an occasional series by Mary Wickham rsm (ISMAPNG) -  is St Vincent's Night Shelter, Back Lane, Dublin, written by contemporary Irish Augustinian priest Pádraig Daly.

Messages to: Mary Wickham rsm

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Mary McGrory rsm is a nurse and clinical psychologist who has been working at Mercy Home, New York since 1980. Mercy Home is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy and specializes in caring for children and adults with developmental challenges.

Each fortnight Camille D'Arienzo rsm in her NCR column Conversations with Sr Camille interviews a members of the Catholic Church about how their faith has affected them. Sr Mary is the most recent Mercy participant in one of these conversations (29 April).

Editor: Mercy Home, Brooklyn, New York is this week's featured Mercy site.

Messages to:
Mary McGrory rsm
Camille D'Arienzo rsm

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Editor: Asylum seekers arriving in Australia may soon be 'resettled' in Cambodia if the Australian government is successful in its efforts to convince Cambodia to enter into such an arrangement with them.

Denise Coghlan rsm, Director of Cambodian Jesuit Refugee Service, has been in Cambodia since 1990 so is well qualified to speak on the situation for refugees in Cambodia. Appearing in the Australian television SBS Dateline programme The Cambodian Solution last week, Sr Denise said of Australia ' It's trying to shelve its moral responsibility and its legal responsibility off into a country that's very poor, has much less space than Australia has, and has not a good record in human rights, it hasn't really established its judicial reform policies, hasn't had proper guidelines for accepting people into refugee status and into citizenship'.

Watch the programme and access the transcript here

Messages to: Denise Coghlan rsm

Suggested additional reading is linked to this item

Image: Jesuit Mission Australia

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Mercy Matters
Mercy women making a difference

'Mercy women all over the world have made and will continue to make a difference. They have carved very special places in their own worlds and they have allowed Catherine McAuley's seed to blossom from generation to generation.'

Professor Mary McAleese
President of the Republic of Ireland (2001)

Editor: This quote was included in the first issue of Mercy E-news

'Misericordia [mercy] means having a heart for the poor—poor in a large sense, not only material poverty, but also relational poverty, spiritual poverty, cultural poverty, and so on. This is not only heart, not only an emotion, but also an active attitude—I have to change the situation of the other as much as I can. But mercy is also not opposed to justice. Justice is a minimum that we are obliged to do to the other to respect him as a human being—to give him what he must have. But mercy is the maximum—it goes beyond justice. Justice alone can be very cold. Mercy sees a concrete person. ... Mercy is the fulfillment of justice because what people need is not only formal recognition but love...'

Merciful God, Merciful Church
An Interview with Walter Kaspar, published 7 May 2014 in Commonweal

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1828: Death of Fr Armstrong, Catherine's friend and adviser

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A comprehensive list of the best Chrome extensions and apps that will help you do more and also enhance your web browsing experience in Chrome.

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For 150 years, Mercy Home has nurtured persons in need. Today, we support persons with developmental disabilities in living full and interesting lives. We do this in our residential, supportive and respite programs, each of which emphasizes the importance of being part of the communities in which one lives.

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We are a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2008 to govern the Catholic ministries entrusted to our care by their founding religious congregations. Our ministries are in the fields of education, health, aged care, and community welfare.

Editor: I inadvertently linked to another Mercy organisation last week so am including this site again this week.

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Further Resources

Worth Knowing:

Pope Francis called on governments to redistribute wealth to the poor in a new spirit of generosity to help curb the 'economy of exclusion'. Pope Francis made his appeal during an address on 9 May to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the heads of major U.N. agencies who were meeting in Rome. Read the address here and Watch a video clip here (02:30)

Worth a Diary note:

The 10th E-conference organised by Broken Bay Institute in conjunction with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference will be held on Wednesday 11 June 2014. Topic: Pope Francis: Modelling the Ministry of St Peter.

Presenters:  Sr Monica Cavanagh rsj (Congregational Leader Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart), Archbishop Timothy Costelloe (Archbishop of Perth), Fr Gerard Kelly (President of Catholic Institute of Sydney), Selina Hasham (Communications Manager Archdiocese of Sydney), Noel Connolly SSC (Head of Mission and Culture, The Broken Bay Institute).

Details of how to access the conference online at no cost can be read here

Worth Watching:

Trafficking in Human Persons

Passport to Freedom is the Sabre® signature corporate responsibility programme to help fight human trafficking and provide support to victims and survivors. This excellent programme is now online, freely available for public use. The programme, which takes about 30 minutes to complete, is visually rich, audio driven, uses accessible language and provides two different scenarios to enable users to apply their learnings about human trafficking. This programme is suitable for use by individuals (self-paced) or with groups and could be incorporated into your own presentation on this issue eg beginning at slide 8. Work through  the programme here

An estimated 25,000 women and girls fall victim to trafficking in Chicago every year. Chicago Tonight addresses how Chicago is dealing with the problem of trafficking in human persons. Very Informative on the issue generally. Watch the programme here (14:55)

America's Daughters is a powerful piece of spoken word written and performed by a female survivor of sex trafficking. Watch the performance here (04:00)

Worth Reading:

Cosmology & Eco-justice

Reducing Poverty Through Climate Action: A Strategy for Global Development Leaders. In this report the Centre for American Progress assesses poverty and climate change and identifies opportunities to jointly tackle these challenges. The article here provides links to the report in PDF and online versions


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