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Mercy Enews
No. 372 | 05 July 2010

Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, used her inheritance in service of the needs of her time. Today, Sisters of Mercy, through Mercy International Association, use their resources to respond to issues of global poverty demonstrated in the massive displacement of persons worldwide...This vision keeps alive the founding spirit of Catherine among peoples of the world most in need of God's compassion and mercy.
from the MIA Visioning Statement 2007


Take from my heart all painful anxiety (MIA)

The second of the six part series by Mary Reynolds rsm, reflecting on Catherine’s life, focuses on her prayer: Take from my heart all painful anxiety.

It is consoling that in the one prayer that we treasure as Catherine’s own composition, she includes this petition; no doubt indicating that anxiety was a very real experience for her.

The sources of Catherine’s anxieties are ones quite familiar to all of us: family worries, financial concerns, stress, controversy, sickness, loss and bereavement. What is inspiring is how she dealt with anxiety in her life and how she allowed it to become a means for her of becoming conformed to Christ and of knowing ever more deeply God’s compassionate love.

Messages to Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director


Keeping the Founding Spirit of Catherine Alive.

A series of six presentations on Catherine McAuley by Mary reynolds rsm which will be accessible through e-News. Each presentation is accompanied by a reflection process.

Week 1: Formed and Reformed - click here to access the first presentation (29/6/10)
Week 2: Take From My Heart All Painful Anxiety - click here to access this week's presentation (7/7/10)

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