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Edition No. 787  |  05 September 2018
Featured Story
A Potential Healing Credited to Venerable Catherine McAuley

On Saturday, September 1, about 100 people gathered in the chapel of Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to participate in a Mass of Thanksgiving marking the end of a Tribunal convened to investigate a healing that had taken place at the hospital through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley founder of the Sister of Mercy. In attendance were Bishop David A. Konderla, bishop of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma, members of the tribunal, witnesses who had been called to testify, Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan and of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and the family of the three year old child who had experienced an unexpected recovery from a traumatic brain injury.

A ceremony of sealing the documents took place before the liturgy with Bishop Konderla inviting all the sisters present, as well as the members of the tribunal, to participate by dripping the wax onto the document which he then impressed with the diocesan seal. In his homily, Bishop Konderla reminded the congregation that, no matter the outcome of the Roman process, we had all witnessed a marvel. Indicating the child who had experienced healing, he reflected that the marvel was among us – this healthy, active child. Following the liturgy, all were invited to a reception in the hospital convent. During the reception one of the physicians who had cared for the child gave a moving testimony of the effect that the experience had had on him personally and professionally.

Later in September, Fr. Michael Knipe, Episcopal Delegate for the tribunal and Sister Brenda Dolphin, postulator for the Cause of Catherine McAuley, will meet in Rome and personally deliver the documentation to the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints.

We continue to pray and hope for a favourable outcome of this study.

Messages to: Sheila Carney rsm - Vice-postulator Americas

Image: L-R: Sister Yvonne Mary Louks, Oliver Thomas and his parents, Sean and Sara, Oliver's doctor, Sister Sheila Carney, Sister Brigid Mary Meeks and Mother Mary Patricia Glowski enjoying the celebration following the liturgy. Photo: Claudia Ward rsm

Editior: More images from the 1 September liturgy and celebration will be posted on the article page of our website as these become available

Vision in Action
MIA Announcement

In the June 27 edition of MercyeNews (Issue #777), we announced that from early 2019 the Mercy Global Action office would be operated from New York and that arrangements regarding staffing would be addressed at a later stage. The Dublin Mercy Global Action office will close at the end of February 2019. We take this opportunity to sincerely thank Sr. Denise Boyle and Betty Lacey for their dedicated service to Mercy Global Action over the past years.

Sr. Angela Reed has been appointed to the role of coordinator of the New York office as and from March 1st, 2019. She will develop a strategic direction and plan for the office over the coming months. We wish her every blessing as she takes up this role.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - CEO MIA

Editor: In MercyeNews Issue # 785, published on 22 August, we announced that today we would release a short video highlighting some of the features and functionality of the new Mercyworld.org website —the website of the global Mercy family—  to further prepare you for the changeover on Mercy Day.

The video, together with the script, is linked to this item.

Happy viewing!

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - CEO MIA

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...Catherine McAuley shared stand number forty with four other women who were also founders of congregations for religious women and who are also at the stage of venerable in the process for beatification and canonisation. The title of the stand was Saints in the making. This title proved to be a real conversation opener as any person who saw the title was ready to ask why his or her photo did not feature with Catherine and her companions and this invariably led on to talking about Catherine, who she was and what was the driving inspiration of her life as well as a whole conversation on what it means to be a saint today!

Catherine was in the company of Nano Nagle (founder of the Presentation Sisters), Mary Aikenhead (founder of the Religious Sisters of Charity), Mary Ward (founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary aka Loreto Sisters) and Magdalen (Frances) Taylor (founder of the Servants of the Mother of God)...

Messages to: Brenda Dolphin rsm - Postulator

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For those planning to join in the celebrations online, there will be two separate live-streams, one for each event.

The Mass live-stream will commence at midday, Dublin time. Watch it on the first video player here. Your local time can be found here.

The Mass booklet can be downloaded here (8pps, PDF)

The website launch live-stream will commence at 1.15 pm, Dublin time. Watch it on the second video player here. Your local time can be found here.

Further important information is linked to this item.

Messages to: Anne Walsh - Mercyworld.org website Administrator

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Reminder: Book in for Mercy Day at Baggot Street if Attending in Person

Planning to join us at Baggot Street for Mercy day Celebrations? Places are filling up fast.

Download the invitation here:
A4 Paper Size (PDF)

As numbers we can accomodate in the chapel are limited, to ensure your place, please RSVP to Madeline on (1) 661 8061 or by email by Friday, 14 September.

Messages to: Madeline O'Hanlon - Receptionist

Image: iStock. Used under licence

Ethos Programme for partners-in-Mercy

This pilgrimage is for administrators, staff and board members of Mercy ministries. It is an opportunity for participants to strengthen their approach to Mercy leadership and mission in the context of today's challenges.

Cost: € 620 (Residential), €410 (Non-residential).

The programme is being offered three times over the next twelve months: 1-5 October 2018, 11-15 March 2019, 29 July - 2 August 2019.

Download the flyer here (PDF)

Messages to: Anna Nicholls rsm - Team Leader Heritage & Spirituality

As a Mercy Community, we pray with those in need of physical healing through the intercession of Catherine McAuley.

God of love and mercy, touch with your healing power and restore to full health Kathy, Tara, Pam, Mark, Joanie, Maryellen, Pauline, Rod, Angie, Mickey, Joanne, Debbie, Clare, Rose Marie, Jesse, Michael, Kerri and all who have previously asked for our prayers.

We ask this with confidence through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley. Amen.

Messages to: the Vice postulators

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MIA Prayer Intention: Water for the World

For this, the fourth year of the World Day of Prayer, ushering in the Season of Creation, Pope Francis drew our prayerful attention to water. 'Care for water sources and water basins is an urgent imperative' he said and we must 'recognize that every privatization of the natural good of water, at the expense of the human right to have access to this good, is unacceptable.' This includes seas and oceans. Let us join him in his intentions:

'Let us pray that waters may not be a sign of separation between peoples, but of encounter for the human community. Let us pray that those who risk their lives at sea in search of a better future may be kept safe. Let us ask the Lord and all those engaged in the noble service of politics that the more sensitive questions of our day, such as those linked to movements of migration, climate change and the right of everyone to enjoy primary goods, may be faced with generous and farsighted responsibility and in a spirit of cooperation, especially among those countries most able to help.'

Post your own Prayer or Reflection in our online Chapel

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - CEO MIA

The complete text of the Pope's message can be read here.

MIA Reflection Process
More Resources for the Season of Creation

Our Seasons of Creation calendar and posters are being widely used amongst the Mercy family and we have been contacted by other religious orders - in the Asia Pacific, in Europe and in America - for permission to circulate it through their networks. We are delighted by that and welcome widespread distribution of all resources MIA has produced for this Season.

In the collection of resources we've compiled from other organisations, there are some new additions you might like to check out. We've also listed them here:

-Reflections during Creation Time 2018: Cry of the earth, cry of the poor, excerpts from Laudato Si’and stories from around the world. Download here (24 pps, colour, PDF). Jointly prepared with CAFOD Liverpool, this is the third resource and completes the course for the three years of the Church’s liturgical cycle.

The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach in Washington has produced 'Season of Creation: A Journey Around the World' (8pps, colour, PDF). You need to register on their site to receive a link to download this resource.

Messages to: the MIRP Continuation Group


Rise for Climate - 8 September Global Day of Action

Mercy International Association is one of the many partner organisations supporting Rise for Climate Action on 8 September. Concerned citizens in 83 countries will mobilise this Saturday 'to demand our local leaders commit to building a fossil free world that puts people and justice before profits'.

Rise for Climate Action is being held in advance of the the Global Climate Action Summit in California on 12-14 September 2018 to pressure local governments and institutions to raise their ambition and do more for climate action.

Ways to be involved: On 8 September: Watch the video (01:43). Join an event in your neighbourhood. Pray the Prayer for Our Earth. Learn to Sing the Song. Choose to do an action from our Season of Creation calendar. On 12 September, join in the the “Multi-Faith Service of Wondering and Commitment” to be held at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Sign up here to watch the live-stream

Messages to: MIRP Continuation Group

MIA Members News
Newfoundland- Ireland Pilgrimage (Newfoundland)

Editor: Presentation Sisters (PBVM) and Associates of Newfoundland and labrador were on pilgrimage in Ireland last month (11-24 August), accompanied by two Newfoundland Mercies, Diane Smyth and Brenda Phelan. The pilgrimage was organised to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Nano Nagle's birth.  The PBVMs, present in Newfoundland since 1833, have fused with the Union of Presentation Sisters in Ireland.

On 11 August the pilgrims visited MIC. Anointed with the "oil of gladness" on arrival, and welcomed by members of the Team, they enjoyed a brief ritual that honoured the connections between Presentation, Mercy, the Christian Brothers [members of all three orders were pilgrims], as well as Bishop Fleming who brought religious to Newfoundland. Archbishop Currie of St John's Newfoundland, also a pilgrim, presided over the Eucharist in the Chapel.

Following a Tour of the House and lunch, the pilgrims visited George's Hill where, amongst other treasures in the Presentation archives, they were privileged to see and hold the profession register, handwritten and signed by Catherine McAuley, Mary Ann Doyle, and Mary Elizabeth Harley on their day of profession in 1831.

Messages to: Diane Smyth rsm

Image: Mary Reynolds rsm, CEO MIA, welcoming Frances Pennell pbvm

We had no sooner marked the 3rd anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si – On Care for our Common Home” than we were immediately aware of the power and unpredictability of the natural world:

  • the heatwave in UK and Europe;
  • severe drought in Eastern Australia;
  • raging fires in California;
  • floods and earthquakes in other places.

It seemed that nature was making her presence felt to those who are sure and those who are ambivalent about global warming. The message of “Laudato Si” is that every small change on our part can make a difference to the whole environment and the encyclical encourages an attitude of gratitude...

Messages to: Philomena Bowers rsm

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We are the human body of Earth. Let us make our way being mindful.

Living mindfully is an invitation to fully participate in your life, in your work, in your community and in your family.

We mean well but often forget something that we fully want to participate in—not because we do not want to do the activity, but perhaps because our mind is too full of thoughts that grab us as we go from here to there...

Messages to: Leslie Porreca rsm

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Burning Sand Shall Become a Pool (ISMAPNG)

Elaine Wainwright rsm suggests that the poetry of Isaiah offers the human community an incentive to change our behaviour towards Earth's community and commit to ecological conversion. Sr Elaine writes: 'If we are to ward off the imminent destruction of precious ecosystems and species, the human community must be responsible for the reversal'.

Download the article here (2pps, PDF)

Messages to: Elaine Wainwright rsm

Mercy Matters

'Those who are profoundly deaf frequently find themselves on the edge of the human and Earth communities. Without access to birdsong, to spoken discourse, to music and to the vast range of media communication, they often struggle to understand and to be understood...'

Read the Gospel reflection by Veronica Lawson rsm (ISMAPNG)

Listen to the Gospel read by Fr Eamonn O'Connor (Ireland)

Read More

Walsingham Academy is the independent school for students and families who value a holistic approach to learning grounded in Mercy Catholic values, enhanced by a nurturing community and driven by a commitment to prepare students to succeed in college and in life.

Read More

'In considering the fundamental role of water in creation and in human development, I feel the need to give thanks to God for “Sister Water”, simple and useful for life like nothing else on our planet.  Precisely for this reason, care for water sources and water basins is an urgent imperative.'

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On This Day

1878: Pioneer newspaper in Big Rapids, Michigan announced that a Catholic academy was being built in town; Michigan administration moved here from Grand Rapids.

Contribute a fact about the Story of the Sisters of Mercy in your congregation or institute to our online archive

From organising your inbox to keeping emails and your account secure, tips to help you get the most out of gmail's new features.

Source: Wired

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This short video clip (01:27) produced by Caritas (2015), featuring Cardinal Peter Turkson, offers us an opportunity for reflection: 'We receive the Earth as a Garden. It would be very unfair if we passed it on as a wilderness'.

Read More
Further Resources

Worth Playing:

'Inisheer'. A tune by Thomas Walsh. Watch/listen here (03:19)

-Degradation of Earth

Extractive industries

'Three ways making a smartphone can harm the environment.' Read the article here

Public letter following the Meeting of Communities Impacted by Mining in Latin America. Read it here (English and Spanish)


'The Climate Fight’s Next Turning Point.' Read it here

- Displacement of People

'Blood in bio-ethanol: how indigenous peoples’ lives are being destroyed by global agribusiness in Brazil'. Read the article here

Worth Knowing:

If in Dublin, 10 September

Woman Spirit Rising: Dr. Mary Hunt Feminist Theology, Ethics, Ritual. Details here

The Bottom line:

The Spirit of God sleeps in stones
Dreams in flowers
And dances in human beings.
So we can pray and worship in a new key,
giving thanks to God for all that is
And all that is yet to come through the creative power of the Holy Spirit
present throughout the universe.

-Fr. Dermot Lane

Send suggestions and contributions for the 'Worth...' section 2018 to: the Editor

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