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Edition No. 589  |  26 September 2014
Featured Story

Editor. Today's theme marked a shift in the week's activities. From the telling and then the celebrating of our story, we took a further step forward. Together we opened up the theme of justice through ritual prayer, presentation and engagement sessions on two shared focus areas: Opposing Human Trafficking and Sustainable Development.

Sisters and Partners in Ministry from the 4 congregations of Australia and Papua New Guinea led us in a most moving ritual this morning. In hearing the stories they shared in this prayer time we 'met'  some of the (estimated) 27 million victims of this crime across the globe. The presentation by Diablo which followed on further reinforced ' the privilege and responsibility of our call to prayerful and compassionate service of the most fragile and vulnerable.'

The afternoon commenced with Srs Patricia March and Monica Hickey from Newfoundland leading the assembly to deepen our consciousness of all creation. We were called on to 'proclaim God’s presence in all creation..and to respond in awe, praise and gratitude.'

This beautiful ritual laid a consciouness in us to listen with open hearts and minds to our 3 afternoon speakers: Carmel Bracken rsm, Sean McDonagh and Aedin McLoughlin. Their presentations both reminded and challenged us that 'we are intimately connected to all of creation, irrevocably part of the Web of Life'

May our listening and learning today 'Teach us to always walk gently upon Earth, honouring all creation with reverence.'(Newfoundland ritual)

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director


Image: Catherine Jambert rsm (ISMAPNG) in front of the 5 candles-works of art- used in the Australian and PNG ritual and gifted to MIC by the 4 Australian Congregations

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Vision in Action

As a memento of his visit to Mercy International Centre yesterday, President Higgins received a cup and saucer once owned by Catherine McAuley. This gift was presented to the President by his cousin, Gabrielle Ryan rsm (Brisbane Congregation).

The cup and saucer were accompanied by a carefully prepared card and explanation of the symbolism in Mercy circles of the 'good cup of tea'.

 A sequence of images of the presentation are linked to this news item.

Image: President Higgins displays the cup and saucer in the specially designed gift box which featured the MIA logo.

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Message from Sister Helen Harding, Newfoundland

Helen sends her greetings to all of you from the intensive care unit at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.  She thanks you so much for your concern and prayers and she knows you are visiting the canonization room, Catherine's grave and all the corners of MIC on her behalf!  She was able to see the liturgy on Mercy Day on a friend's iphone just before her surgery and looks forward to seeing the archived pieces when she is able.

She wants you to know that she has had very heavy surgery and is progressing very well in her recovery.  She hopes to get out of ICU soon and will be in hospital a couple of weeks.  She is very hopeful and encouraged and will await further reports for a complete diagnosis.  She is so grateful for your love, prayer and encouragement that she hears about through Patricia and Monica who are among you at Baggot Street.  Please keep praying for her. 

Diane for Helen.

Messages to Sr Helen can be sent c/- Sr Diane

Media Coverage of President Higgins' Visit to MIC

A media release on the presidential visit was prepared by Srs Mary Reynolds (Executive Director MIA) and Adele Howard (Communications Consultant MIA) and distributed to the Irish Media yesterday.

The release can be accessed here and Mercy communicators are invited to distribute it to your own media contacts.

Reports on the visit of President Higgins appeared in the following this morning:

Irish Times. Article: President praises contribution of Sisters of Mercy

Catholic Ireland. Net. Article: President pays tribute to Mercy charism

UTV.  Article: Life abroad 'sensationalised' - Higgins

Messages to:
Mary Reynolds rsm
Adele Howard rsm

The following videostreams from today (26 September) are now archived online:

  • Morning Prayer prepared by Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea
  • Afternoon Prayer prepared by Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland

A list of the archived video streams is on the page linked to this item.

Still to be archived online:

  • Playback Theatre

Not filmed:

  • Presentation on Human Trafficking (Diablo)

Image: Enjoying the chance to talk together

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Thank you, thank you to all who are sending messages in response to the streaming of the rituals, the Mass, the events; for Mercy Day; in response to the presidential visit and for the week of celebrations.

We continue to receive wonderfully thoughtful messages about the impact of the celebrations on those present online. These messages, in turn, are inspiring others to share their thoughts.

We are delighted to be hearing from 'all over' and continue to welcome your words and some images from your gatherings at home, if any are available.

Messages to: mercyenews@mercyinternational.ie

Image: Parramatta Mercy Gathering For 'Mercy Around The World' Morning Prayer

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What's Being Streamed from MIC Sunday, 28 September

10.00am  (Irish time): Opening Prayer in the Baggot Street Chapel will be live streamed. Ritual prepared by Aotearoa New Zealand. Theme: Shaping Mercy into the Future

A reminder to login online 15 minutes beforehand to check your equipment.

2.45pm (Irish time): Plenary Session from Group Discussion on Shaping Mercy into the Future
3.15pm (Irish time): Engagement with Reports and Summary

4.30 pm (Irish time) is closure of the day

Image: Barbara Bolster (ISMAPNG) 'organising' the participants in the Australia and Papua New Guinea prayer ritual this morning

Saturday 27 September is a Scheduled Rest Day

Tomorrow, 27 September will be a rest day to allow all of us time for reflection on what we have experienced over these celebratory days;  time to catch up on archived video streams, time to compose and send a reflection/response/message for E-news and, most important of all - time to 'just be'.


Mercy E-news

Mercy E-news will not be published tomorrow. The next issue will be published Sunday evening, 28 September.

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