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Edition No. 590  |  28 September 2014
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Editor: What a great day we had!  And it began in a very special way...

The ritual this morning was prepared by Sisters in Aotearoa New Zealand who are— as we are all well aware— in Chapter (24 September - 1 October). We are all invited to pray for them.

At 9am this morning, many of the Irish Sisters who as young women in the 1950s, made the long voyage to New Zealand where they joined The Congregation, ministered in New Zealand for decades and then returned home in the early years of this century, assembled in the chapel. Under the leadership of Rosello Pepper rsm, they had taken on the responsibility for the New Zealand Sisters of leading us in prayer on the theme 'Taking Mercy into the Future'. As we looked to the future in our prayer, we were called upon to 'recognise the enormous trust our forebears placed in divine providence'. And in these women we have models of that great trust. 

Dee McKenna rsm (The Congregation), a highly skilled and experienced facilitator, was asked by Mary Reynolds rsm to engage the members of today's gathering in the topic of the Future of Mercy through five lenses: Younger Religious/Religious; Youth; Associates; Partners in Ministry; Advancing Mission. Each member of the gathering was assigned to an appropriate group.

With those arrangements firmly in place, we then listened to Mary Reynolds rsm speak of the call to be 'Shapers of the Dream'. This talk gave us much solid food for thought to draw on in our group work, dealing as it did with the history of religious life and with how the Mercy Charism is being expressed today. Further stimulus and encouragement for our sharing and moving forward came from the video messages of Pat McDermott rsm (Chair MIA Board) and Berneice Loch rsm (President MIA).

The reports from each group will be available online as an archived video. Importantly, this material will be source material for the work of MIA. As participants online, we invite and encourage your response to the question that was put to the members of each group meeting in person in Baggot Street:

What do you see as the possibilities/opportunities and the challenges/questions for the future of Mercy?

Please indicate which of the five lenses shapes your response. We would like to receive your contribution within the week,  if possible.

We also welcome your participation in the ongoing discussion amongst members of these groups. Do indicate your interest in being involved.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA


Image: Sara Druhan. Members of the Religious Life Group reporting back from their morning's discussion: l-r: Srs Veronica Ekerick (Brisbane Congregation), Genemarie Beegan (Americas), Raphael Amante (Philippines), Ailish O'Brien rsm (The Congregation), Scholastica Nganda (The Congregation). Of the 7516 Sisters of Mercy today, 480 are under 60 years of age.

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Vision in Action
Join Us for the Closing Ritual as We Send Out the Light

Tomorrow (29 September), Catherine's birthday, we mark the end of our week of celebration. Entrusted as we are with Catherine's legacy, and challenged by all we have heard, seen and shared together, we send forth the light from Mercy International Centre to the five continents where there is a Mercy presence today.

We invite you to be there to receive it in the ritual commencing at 12.30pm (Irish time).

Download the ritual booklet here (PDF)


Image: the 5 candles-works of art- used in the Australian and PNG ritual and gifted to MIC by the 4 Australian Congregations, now to be used in the closing ritual

Dear Sisters, Associates, Colleagues and all Friends of Mercy
All messages being received from you, either as emails or cards, are being published on the website.  Yesterday provided the opportunity to 'catch up' on this enjoyable task. If you can't find which page your message is on, send us an email and we can let you know exactly where it is.

If you have been considering sending a message or reflection in response to all you have experienced this week - either physically present here or online- you might like to do so today/tonight as the final anniversary week E-news will be published tomorrow, 29 September.

Messages received beyond tomorrow will, of course, be added to the website.

Messages to: mercyenews@mercyinternational.ie

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What's Being Streamed from MIC Monday, 29 September

Livestreaming will continue on Monday, 29 September, with Morning Prayer at 9.30am (Irish time) prepared by the Religious Sisters of Mercy Philippines.

Monday's theme: For all that has been, THANKS; for all that will be YES

Do login from 9.15 am to ensure your equipment is working well


9.30 am: Prayer Ritual

10 am: Responding to Global Justice Issues at the United Nations: Aine O'Connor rsm

10.45 am: Coffee break

11.15 am: Responding to Global Justice Issues continued

12.30 pm: Closing Ritual

1.00 pm: Lunch in Dining Room

Additional Archived Video Streams Now Online

The following videostreams from today (28 September) are now archived online:

  • Morning Prayer prepared by Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand
  • Shapers of the Dream: Talk given by Mary Reynolds

Video streams from 26 September now online:

  • Sustainable Development Presentation: Part 1: Carmel Bracken rsm (The Congregation)
  • Sustainable Development Presentation: Part 2: Sean McDonagh SCC

Still to be archived online:

  • Mercy into the Future - Introduction and Reports (28 September)  
  • Sustainable Development Presentation: Part 2: Aedin McLoughlin (26 September)
  • Playback Theatre and story telling (23 September)

We have been prioritising the archiving of the Prayer Rituals given that so many members of the Mercy family who cant be present online for the livestreams are using these for their morning or evening prayer the same day.

Not filmed:

Presentation on Human Trafficking - Diablo (26 September)


The talk given by Mary Reynolds this morning is now available as:

  • an archived video

In tomorrow's E-news it will be made available as

  • a word document (PDF)
  • with a powerpoint to accompany the word document.
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Global Transformation - A New World View Transforming Humanity: Talk by Carmel Bracken rsm

The presentation given Carmel Bracken rsm (The Congregation) on Froday, 26 September, which formed the first part of the afternoon's workshop on Sustainability, will be made available in Mercy E-news, in both Spanish and English.

We thank Carmel for her generosity in agreeing to make her paper - with bibliography- available through Mercy E-news in the next few weeks.

We thank Cristina Mira (Americas) for her most generous offer to translate the paper into Spanish once it becomes available in English.


The Mission of Mercy
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