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Edition No. 591  |  29 September 2014
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Editor: What a great finish to a wonderful week !

We began our day with a most moving ritual prepared by the Religious Sisters of the Philippines and led by Raphael Amante rsm. Sr Raphael was the sole representative of her congregation at Baggot street this week, but  in her manner of simplicity and deep faith, she brought the presence of her congregation— and all they had been through as a result of cyclone Yolanda— into the chapel. We could not fail to be moved.

The prayer ritual was followed by a talk given by Aine O'Connor rsm, Mercy Global Action Co-ordinator at the UN. Aine painted a very clear picture of the needs and challenges of our world; the actions of Mercy in addressing the issues that confront our world, and throughout her address, challenged, encouraged and  inspired us to remain faithful to the task of bringing mercy and justice to those people and places most in need of God's mercy.

The Closing Ceremony commenced with thanks to all who had contributed to this week of global celebration and global connection. Each one was named for her/his individual contribution and recognised for being 'The Gift You are'.

We concluded our day and week together with a Sending Out of the light to the five continents where there is a Mercy presence today. An Irish blessing was prayed on us all, to give us strength for the journey - both outward and inward..

May all this week has held unite us, sustain us and inspire us to go forward bravely and with confidence, knowing we are not alone but 'united by a spirit and a story'.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA


Image: Sara Druhan. Carriers of the light to the five Continents: L-r: Srs Cristina Mira (to the Americas), Philomena Bowers (to Europe), Scholastica Nganda (to Africa), Mary Reynolds, Raphael Amante (to Asia), Catherine Jambet (to Australia and Oceania)

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Vision in Action
Beannnacht agus GrĂ¡.

On this Catherine's birthday
I say, thanks for all that has been
For all that will be, yes,
As we celebrate she who brought
"new vitality and promise".
May the Wisdom of the 7,036 Mercy Sisters
Over 60 years
Be but the grace of God
Nudging us to see, support and engage
With peoples carrying on-
Mercy within Mercy within Mercy.

- Claudia Bradley RSM ,
Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland.


Image: Catherine's Cake. Made by Kathy Higgins, Facilities Manager MIC and enjoyed by us all!

The following videostreams from today (29 September) are now archived online:

  • Morning Prayer Ritual prepared by the Religious Sisters of Mercy Philippines
  • Closing Ceremony (incorporating thanks to all who took a particular role in the anniversary week) and the Sending out of the Light

The remaining archived videos will be online on mercyworld.org on Thursday morning (Irish time), following receipt of the compressed files.

  • Responding to Global Justice Issues: Mercy at the United Nations: Aine O'Connor (29 September)
  • Mercy into the Future - Introduction and Reports (28 September)
  • Sustainable Development Presentation: Part 3: Aedin McLoughlin (26 September)
  • Playback Theatre and story telling (23 September)
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Attendance Figures for the MIA 20th Anniversary Celebrations

We are delighted by the attendance figures at the 20th anniversary celebrations at Baggot Street, both in person and present online

23 September:
In person: 95. Online: 11,206
24 September
In person: 480#. Online: 15,041
25 September
In person: 125. Online: 15,370
26 September
In person 100.  Online:13,721
27 September
In person: N/A (no events) Online: 11,202
28 September
In person: 120. Online: 10,715
29 September
In person: 75. Online: 12,518

Up until 3pm today, 29 September, we had 995 persons visit Mercy International Centre in person between 23-29 September. Figures for online visitors totalled: 89,773.

This month there have been 161,438 visitors to Catherine's (virtual) House of Mercy.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

#480 includes those who attended Mass on 24 September.

Catherine's Canonisation Cause

The Congregation Canonisation Committee provided an opportunity for all who visited Baggot Street in person this week to visit their 'stall', set up in the Callaghan Room, where visitors could take literature on the Cause of Canonisation and post requests for prayers in a special container.

The literature included the new (shortened) prayer for healing which we are all now encouraged to pray.

God of love and mercy, touch with your healing power and restore....... to full health.

We ask this with confidence through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley. Amen

The intentions of all those whose names were placed in the container will be prayed for by members of The Congregation over the next twelve months.

Online visitors are reminded that requests for prayers for healing can be posted here on the mercyworld.org website.

Messages to:
The Congregation Canonisation Committee
The Vice postulators

Desde el 23 al 29 de septiembre estuvimos reunidas celebrando los 20 años del Mercy International Centre, hermanas de Irlanda, Australia, Inglaterra, Filipinas, Kenia, Papúa Neuva Guinea, los Estados Unidos y Argentina.  Fue un gran honor y responsabilidad estar aquí en nombre de todas las hermanas de CCASA! Que Bueno hubiera sido tenerla a todas aquí!  Sinceramente las extrañé.  Hemos vivido siete días de celebración.  Celebramos nuestras raíces communes en medio de la diversidad que somos, la pasión que nos mueve en cada una en nuestras propias realidades y aquello que vamos vislumbrando y soñando...

Mensajes para: Cristina Mira rsm

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This is the last of the 20th Anniversary editions of Mercy E-news.There have been six issues published during this celebration week. These can be accessed in the E-news archive linked to this item.

The 'regular' Mercy enews will return on Wednesday, 8 October.

Do rember to send us your news!

Messages to: mercyenews@mercyinternational.ie

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Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand Elections

We congratulate the newly elected Leadership Team of Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand:

Leader: Katrina Fabish rsm

Sue France
Tui Cadigan
Raylene Dwyer
Judith Moroney

Messages to: Katrina Fabish rsm


Shapers of the Dream: Talk by Mary Reynolds rsm

The talk given by Mary Reynolds this morning is now available as:

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

The Face of Mercy Today Exhibition is an invitation to those who visit the International Room at Baggot Street to take a journey through 313 printed photographs mounted on display boards and 800 images cycling through on a digital display.

The Exhibition was formally opened on 25 September by the President of Ireland,  Michael D Higgins.

The President, accompanied by Sabina Higgins, took the time to learn about and absorb the themes and elements of the stories in the photos. These had been gathered over eight months by the Point Persons of each of the congregations and institutes, a process co-ordinated by the Exhibition's producer and curator, Adele Howard rsm...

Messages to: Adele Howard rsm - MIA Communications Consultant


Image: L-r: Adele Howard rsm, President Higgins, Sabina Higgins, Mary Reynolds rsm at the Exhibition

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For all that has been, THANKS; for all that will be, YES. And so we give thanks.

Messages continue to be received and today's messages include messages of special thanks and congratulations, linked to this item. The special thanks page includes the powerpoint used in the Closing Ritual this morning (Irish time).

The 'general' messages (now 20 pages) can be accessed here, in reverse chronological order ie latest (page #20) to earliest (page #1)

The special Mercy greetings from Srs Pat McDermott, Berneice Loch, Anne Campbell, can be accessed here

Greetings received from Governments and read at the various country rituals can be accessed here

Messages to: mercyenews@mercyinternational.ie

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