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Mercy e-News
Edition No. 624  |  10 June 2015
Featured Story

Editor: 'Heartwarming', 'Uplifting', 'Inspiring'. These three words immediately come to mind in attempting to describe the story that's captured in the video (06:38) and accompanying report by Bianna Golodryga, published recently on Yahoo News and linked to this item.

The story begins this way:

'Nestled away in a northern Chicago suburb, among tree-lined streets, white picket fences and perfectly manicured lawns, is a 31-acre complex known as Misericordia. Misericordia, whose name means “heart of mercy” in Latin, is home to more than 600 children and adults with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities....'

Don't miss this truly wonderful story of Mercy in action. And if you find yourself moved to help, or know someone who can, please do contact Sr Rosemary.

Messages to: Rosemary Connelly rsm - Executive Director


Image:  Rosemary Connelly rsm has been Executive Director of Misericordia Home in Chicago, Illinois since 1969. Residents pictured with her are part of the Heartbreakers dance group who perform at fundraisers and events. For more information visit www.misericordia.org. Photo supplied by Misericordia and used with permission.

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Vision in Action

God of love and mercy, touch with your healing power and restore to full health: Leslie, Paula Taylor, Julie Stolzberg, Gertrude Lind, Isabel Eva Cannon, Anne, Jane Baron and all whose names are on our prayer list.

We ask this with confidence through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley. Amen.

Messages to: the Vice postulators

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MIA Prayer Intention for the Coming Week

'Jesus, you urge us to love and serve you in others - friends and neighbors, strangers and even enemies. We pray for an end to racism, prejudice, discrimination, and all barriers that separate us from one another as sisters and brothers.God of all peoples, may we know and honor your call to unity. Help us to seek and offer forgiveness and through the power of the Spirit enable us to extend and accept healing from one another. By your grace, draw us toward your vision of one united and wonderfully diverse human family. Hear and grant this, our prayer. Amen.'

'Intercessions of Mercy' ed. Joy Clough rsm

Post your own Prayer or Reflection in our online Chapel

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

Pray for the Participants in the Final Vow Program

The week long program at Baggot Street for Sisters making Final Profession has recently concluded. As we each pray the MIA Prayer for the Year of Consecrated Life during this year, let us keep these Sisters in our prayers in a special way.

Back row: Sisters Taryn Stark (Americas), Biviana Chique Espezúa (Americas/Peru), Felistas King'ori (The Congregation/Kenya), Kathy Kearney (Americas) and Katrina Zhang (Parramatta).

Second row from back: Sisters Jenny Wilson (Americas), Cathy Manderfield (Americas), Claudia Cano (Americas) and Aura Rudelsol (Americas/Philippines).

Third row from back: Sisters Jackie Nedd (Americas), Durly Diáne Salazar (Americas/Peru), Geraldine Sweeney (Great Britain) and Patricia Dunne (The Congregation/Ireland).

Front row: Sisters Mary Galing (Americas/Philippines) and Agnes Hunter (The Congregation/Kenya)

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

GENEVA 2 June 2015 - A number of free trade and investment agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), are currently being negotiated. A group of UN experts* have issued the following statement to express concern about the secret nature of drawing up and negotiating many of these agreements and the potential adverse impact of these agreements on human rights:

“While trade and investment agreements can create new economic opportunities, we draw attention to the potential detrimental impact these treaties and agreements may have on the enjoyment of human rights as enshrined in legally binding instruments, whether civil, cultural, economic, political or social. Our concerns relate to the rights to life, food, water and sanitation, health, housing, education, science and culture, improved labour standards, an independent judiciary, a clean environment and the right not to be subjected to forced resettlement...'

Messages to: Aine O'Connor rsm - Mercy Global Action Coordinator at the UN

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MIA Members News

Misean Cara supports the work of The Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia.  Maria Douglas, Congregational Mission and Development Coordinator, liaises with Misean Cara on behalf of The Congregation, and with the Sisters in the countries listed above. Liz Fletcher rsm was elected a Board Member of Misean Cara at the 2014 AGM.

In his key note address at the Misean Cara AGM on 27 May, President Michael D. Higgins said ‘It is possible to eliminate poverty...it is possible to eliminate diseases,’ and called 2015 'maybe the most crucial year in relation to what has been called the developing world.'  The President's thought provoking and challenging speech is linked to this item.

Messages to:
President Michael D. Higgins
Liz Fletcher rsm

Image: L-r: Misean Cara CEO Heydi Foster and Mrs. Sabina Higgins look on as Misean Cara Chairperson Matt Moran presents a copy of the 2014 Annual Report to President Michael D. Higgins. Photo: Keith Arkins.

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Ministry Position: Focus on Haiti (FOH), US Coordinator (Americas)

Over the last four years, twenty Sisters of Mercy, Associates and Friends in Mercy have built a collaborative effort with our Haitian partners to address the needs of the community of Gros Morne, Haiti.

This position is full-time for a Sister of Mercy who acts as the convener and main communicator for the group. She will be responsible for facilitating the collaboration between our Haiti partners, US based partners, and FOH Working Committees. The US Coordinator will assist in collating and distributing information to help all partners to plan, implement and evaluate FOH programs and activities in Haiti. She will also be responsible for supervising, collaborating with and supporting the FOH personnel in Haiti.

The full position summary can be found here (PDF). If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your CV to Geraldine O'Hare via email by July 15, 2015.

Messages to: Geraldine O’Hare - Chairperson of FOH

Image: Eileen McDonnell rsm at the water well at Maison Bon Samaritan

The 9th General Chapter of The Union of the Sisters of Mercy of England, Scotland and Wales concluded on 4 June 2015.

The major initiative of the Chapter was a new apostolic thrust for the next five years in line with the forthcoming Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis.

The Congregation has committed itself to join the struggle against Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Accordingly, they have pledged their energy and a considerable financial foundation into Research and the provision of Care at every stage for those suffering from this illness in order to implement this new Mercy initiative.

During the Chapter a new Leadership Team was elected:

L-r: Sisters Monica Killeen, Geraldine Lawlor,  Philomena Bowers (Congregational Leader), Evelyn Gallagher, Mary Horgan

Messages to: Sisters of Mercy Union of Great Britain

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Irish Mercy Sister Helping UNICEF Identify Projects on the Ground (The Congregation)

In its Foreword to the document on “Partnering with Religious Communities for Children”, UNICEF states:

Long before there was a UNICEF, faith communities were among the greatest advocates for the world’s neediest children, providing guidance, aid and comfort to millions of disadvantaged families.[i]

As a consultant to UNICEF, I see great potential in this development. There is growing recognition in international development and humanitarian communities of the role of faith in providing significant moral, social and political agency for human development and resilience in the face of hardship and adversity. Religious institutions, communities of faith and faith-based NGOs are carrying out critical development and humanitarian relief activities, including in entrenched situations of conflict. How can the resources (human, financial and spiritual) that these organizations bring to the table be better understood and more effectively tapped by all of those working to serve the very same communities?...

Dowload the complete article here (3 pps; PDF)

Messages to: Deirdre Mullan rsm

[i] “Partnering with Religious Communities for Children,” UNICEF Document 2013, Foreword by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director.

In this fifth article in the series published in 'Tui Motu InterIslands', Elaine Wainwright rsm (ISMAPNG) unpacks the story of the Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7: 24-30.

'An ecological reading is a justice oriented approach because it uncovers structures and practices of injustice in the entire more-than-human community. We find these injustices woven into Mark’s text from its first century context as well as from millennia of readings...' writes Sr Elaine.

Download the June article here (2 pp; PDF; 205 KB)

The February - May articles are linked to this item.

Messages to: Elaine Wainwright rsm

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Glacial: that’s how participants at a board diversity summit in 2011 described the progress on increasing the number of women on U.S. corporate boards.

To address this lack of diversity, business leaders, investors, corporate governance experts and others formed the Thirty Percent Coalition. To close the gap between the number of women and men serving in these key leadership roles on U.S. corporate boards, the Thirty Percent Coalition aims to have women compose at least 30 percent of the board members at U.S.-based publicly listed companies by the end of the year.

Why 30 percent?

Why Mercy Investment Services involvement?

See the article linked to this item.

Messages to: Pat Zerega - Senior Director of Shareholder Advocacy

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'As well as a few blisters, a group of hardy Year 12 students walking from Perth to New Norcia hope to gain a sense of spiritual achievement and an insight into Perth's early history.

The 15 Mercedes College students doing the 145km [90 mile] trek are following as closely as possible in the steps of Spanish monk Dom Rosendo Salvado, who set off on foot in 1847 to establish the Benedictine order's New Norcia mission.

His life was intertwined with that of Ursula Frayne, one of the sisters of Mercy who established Mercedes College. Both religious pioneers made the voyage to Perth on the same ship in 1846...'

Source: The West Australian

Messages to: Kerrie Fraser - Principal

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Mercy’s journey into delivering health care virtually has captured a global audience.

Dr. Randy Moore, Mercy Virtual president, recently joined an expert panel for a live webcast, “Telehealth: How New Technologies are Transforming Health Care.” The forum was presented by Harvard, in collaboration with The Huffington Post, and focused on the growing need for telehealth services nationwide and globally – and what it will take to get doctor and patient buy-in...

Messages to: Nancy Corbett - Mercy Media Relations Director, Marketing and Communications

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Mercy Matters

Most people don't give the practice [of always on devices] a second thought. But a new study from the Natural Resources Defense Council suggests the powering of so many devices around the clock is using huge amounts of energy - $19 billion worth of electricity on an annual basis, equivalent to the output of 50 large power plants...

Source: CBS News

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2004: Pou Atawhai Centre for Leadership and Education for Mission, is commissioned in Ponsonby, Auckland to resource Mercy facilities.

Post a fact about the Story of the Sisters of Mercy for our online archive

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Pope Francis: Seek Christ in Eucharist, in Neighbour

'Christ, who nourishes us under the consecrated species of bread and wine, is the same Christ, whom we meet during the course of everyday life: He is in the poor person who holds out his hand [in supplication]; He is the suffering person who implores [our] help; He is in the brother or sister who asks us to be there and awaits our welcome; He is in the child who knows nothing about Jesus, about salvation, who does not have the faith; He is in every human being, even the smallest and most defenseless.'

- Pope Francis, Angelus, Feast of Corpus Christi, 7 June 2015

'Jesus still waits by our wayside, hidden in the circumstances of our lives.'

-M Carmel Bourke

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New Resource: Spirit Script

'Spirit Script: Praying with the Psalms' was published in paperback last month. Regine Fanning rsm created Spirit Script as a ministry to the homebound and ill. This book is your opportunity to enjoy the best of more than ten years of Sr. Regine’s Spirit Script messages.

Purchase online from Amazon

Misericordia offers a community of care that maximizes potential for persons with mild to profound developmental disabilities, many of whom are also physically challenged.  By serving society’s most vulnerable citizens, Misericordia also serves the families who want the best for them, yet cannot provide it at home.

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Further Resources

Worth Playing:

'Here at this table'. Watch/listen here (07:12) Purchase on *Google Play  *eMusic  *iTunes

Worth Knowing:

Papal Encyclical on the Environment

With the publication date of this highly anticipated document just over a week away (18 June), here are six useful recently published contextual resources:

*Catholic News Service (CNS): Catholicism and the challenge of ecology (published 2 June). 'Experts reflect on the history and significance of the church's role in promoting the stewardship of creation'. Watch it here (17.55)

*Yale Climate Forum: Brother Sun, Sister Moon: Pope Francis and the Meaning of Climate Action (published 2 June). 'Catholics, Protestants, scientists, and lay people discuss the ethics and spiritual meaning of climate action.' Watch it here (06:50)

* 'Anticipating Pope Francis’ Forthcoming Encyclical on the Human-Earth Relationship' by Jame Schaefer, Department of Theology, Marquette University. (published April Download it here (10pps; PDF)

*Pope Francis and the Environment: Yale Examines Historic Climate Encyclical (published 8 April). Watch it here (01:13:55) [previously included in eNews]. *Read the transcript (9pps; PDF)

*Independent Catholic News is doing a 'Countdown to the Environment Encyclical'. Today's post is No. 8. You will find links to these posts here on our website as they are published.

Worth Considering:

The topic of the 2015 Broken Bay eConference is: 'Religion: Catalyst for Violence or Peace? Probing the Abrahamic Traditions for Answers'. It will be streamed live on Tuesday, 23 June from 10.00am to 2.30pm (AEST). Speakers are: Terry Lovat, Rev Dorothy Lee, Mohamad Abdalla, Amy-Jill Levine. The program can be downloaded here

It is free to watch the eConference but registration is mandatory. Register here

Recommended readings for the eConference by the presenters can be downloaded here A list of international time zones with the local start time of the 2015 eConference can be accessed here

Worth Attending:

Human Trafficking

Conference organised by Thomas Reuters Foundation in London, 17-18 November. Agenda: 'Empower women worldwide and fight modern-day slavery'. Details here. Details about scholarships to attend can be found here

Worth Reading:

Human Trafficking

'U.S. flight attendants seek mandatory training to spot human trafficking'. Read the article here The Association of Flight Attendants is the world’s largest Flight Attendant union.Their statement can be read here. The website 'Hidden in plane sight' can be found here

-Zainab Hawa Bangura, the United Nations special representative of the secretary-general on sexual violence in conflict, recently completed a 12-day trip to assess the use of rape, sexual slavery and forced marriage as a strategy of war and tactic of terror in the Middle East, particularly by the Islamic State. A video interview can be seen here (02:12). A report in theguardian online can be read here

The Bottom Line:

'Perhaps the greatest threat to Christian Eucharist is precisely a moral numbness that prevents our seeing God's presence in the least and littlest, that prevents our seeing the Risen One among the most vulnerable citizens of our chaotic world. The greatest threat to Eucharist is world hunger. It is not for nothing that the great Indian teacher of nonviolence, Mohandas K. Ghandi, once said that 'if Christ ever comes to India, he'd better come as bread.'

-Nathan Mitchell, Emeritus Faculty Liturgical Studies, University of Notre Dame

Send suggestions and contributions for the 'Worth...' section 2015 to: the Editor

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