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Mercy e-News
Edition No. 641  |  30 September 2015
Featured Story

Editor. Mercy Day at Baggot Street this year was a three-part celebration: Eucharist in the Chapel was followed immediately by the blessing and rededication of the International Room and after lunch the screening of Pope Francis' Address to the United States Congress. In between the events there was a very warm welcome, lots of conversation and most generous hospitality to be enjoyed by the 150 or so Sisters and Partners-in-Mercy who were able to be at MIC. To make the day perfect, the sun shone!

Archbishop Brown, Papal Nuncio, was the Celebrant of the Eucharist. His arrival was greeted with great enthusiasm by some of his fellow Americans  - a tour group of Sisters and partners-in-Mercy from Hot Springs, Arkansas. They were amongst a congregation with representatives from many parts of the Mercy world - Newfoundland, Australia, Ireland, Aotearoa New Zealand, the United States, and which included Sisters who had been on mission to other places.

In his homily, Archbishop Brown highlighted Catherine McAuley as a woman with 'an amazing vision'. He reminded us that Mercy Day is a day to rejoice in the gift of mercy which liberates us and to celebrate the works of the Sisters of Mercy now spread throughout the world. He explored and expanded upon the history of this feast day and connections with the forthcoming Year of Mercy. The homily can be listened to on our website in the article linked to this item.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA



Image: Archbishop Charles Brown, Papal Nuncio with Mary Reynolds rsm, Executive Director MIA. Photo: Anne Walsh

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Vision in Action

'A number of goals which will shape global development policy for the next 15 years are due to be adopted by governments worldwide at the General Assembly’s United Nations Sustainable Development Summit over the weekend.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which essentially replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), are the result of intergovernmental negotiations and the largest consultation programme conducted by the UN. 

While world media attention will be drawn to the summit, and Pope Francis’ address to the General Assembly ..., perhaps little attention will be garnered by the significant influence of faith-based organisations on the contents of the goals – including the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy International Association who are represented by an Irishwoman...'

Source: The Irish Catholic

Messages to: Aine O'Connor rsm - MGA at the UN

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Responding to The Migrant Crisis

In the 9 September edition of Mercy eNews (Issue #638), we reported that MIA is one of 14 NGOs in Ireland calling on the Irish government to take immediate steps to respond to the displaced persons of Northern Africa and the Middle East. MIA has now been invited to meet Mr. Brian Hayes, a member of the European Parliament on Friday 9th October.  He has been appointed to the Development Committee of the European Parliament, as the only Irish member. This committee deals with the Union’s humanitarian aid and relief programmes.  He is interested in hearing our views in relation to the European Union’s response to the refugee and migrant crisis in the Mediterranean and across Europe. He has invited us to name what we see as the top priority and to outline the issues we would like him to address on our behalf.

We would be delighted to hear from any of our readers who have particular views or recommendations that they would  wish us to present at this important meeting.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA


Image:'LE Eithne Operation Triton' by Irish Defence Forces -Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

God of love and mercy, touch with your healing power and restore to full health: Carol Maloney and all whose names are on our prayer list.

We ask this with confidence through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley. Amen.

Messages to: the Vice postulators

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MIA Prayer Intention for the Coming Week: Making a Difference

Following the rousing reception Pope Francis received on his Apostolic Tour of the United States and the United Nations by the audiences who attended the events and those of us who followed online and in the mass media, we pray that his message of 'joy and hope...justice and peace' will remain with us and be expressed in ways that make a difference: in our hearts, in our lives, in our world.

Post your own Prayer or Reflection in our online Chapel

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

Letters to Pope Francis

Editor: Letter-writing might be considered a lost art, but not in Mercy schools. The invitation to the Mercy world to join in the letter writing campaign for the Cause for Beatification of Venerable Catherine McAuley was enthusiastically embraced by a number of Mercy schools including students in Latin II and III at McAuley High, Farmington Hills, Michigan who wrote their letters to the Pope in Latin, one of the official languages of the Vatican. According to Latin teacher Mrs. Lauren Marquard, the Pope is more likely to be fluent in Latin than in English.


Were you caught up in celebrations on Mercy Day and missed the deadline? Never mind. Brenda Dolphin rsm, Postulator for the Cause, would welcome a copy of your letter to Pope Francis which she will print out, bind with the rest and present on Foundation Day. Details can be found here.

Messages to: Brenda Dolphin rsm - Postulator for the Cause of Catherine McAuley

Mercy International Reflection Process: Meeting in Dublin

This week the Guiding Team and the Congregation and Institute coordinators able to attend, are meeting in Dublin to work through the Mercy International Reflection Process together and to discuss communication and administration issues.

We ask your prayers as we undertake this work for and on behalf of Mercy International Association.

Messages to: Mercy International Process Team

Image: Mary Reynolds rsm welcoming the Mercy International Reflection Process Team and Coordinators to Baggot street

MIA Members News
Cake for Catherine's Birthday (The Congregation)

Editor: 29 September is Catherine McAuley's birthday. How delighted were we - Team, Staff, Volunteers, Visitors and those having meetings at Baggot Street - to be visited by the Fourth Class students with their teacher Miss Mckinley from Catherine McAuley School next door. The students had written acrostics using each of the letters in Catherine's name. Following their tour upstairs they joined us for morning tea and birthday cake they brought with them in the dining room then proceeded with encouragement to read their poems to an attentive and responsive audience.

Messages to: Fourth Class Students c/- Kathy Higgins rsm - MIA Facilities Manager

Image: Miss MacKinley and a young poet. Note drawing of Catherine.

'Mercy College was named one of the country’s “Bright Spots in Hispanic Education" this month as part of the 25th anniversary of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

The initiative was created to recognize the organizations across the country that work toward evening the educational playing field for Hispanic communities. Mercy College is now among 230 other programs and organizations in the nation, and one of two in the New York City Area, recognized for its dedication to its Latino student body...'

Source: Westchester Magazine

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Editor: It's an inspiring read. In these 38 pages we see what Mercy Housing, which as a presence in 41 US states and over 200 cities has accomplished in the last year (2014) which marked the end of its 2009 -2014 strategic plan. In the last five years Mercy Housing has added more than 5,600 houses to its portfolio, financed approximately 5,000 homes through the Mercy Loan Fund, developed an environmental stewardship program... amongst other significant achievements.

Messages to: Jane Graf - President & CEO Mercy Housing, Inc

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Editor: The following article by Deirdre Mullan rsm has been published in the current issue of 'Reality', the Irish Redemptorist monthly Publication.

'I have been both saddened and perplexed watching the nightmare of the “rescued” refugees unfold at the Channel Tunnel and other ports in Europe, as thousands of desperate people fleeing from hunger, war, traffickers and economic disaster try to board lorries and trains in search of a better life. I feel both a sense of helplessness and hopelessness as I watch nations erect fences and barricades, fire tear gas and shut out helpless destitute human beings who are at the very least entitled to our compassion as fellow human beings. I am propelled back in time to our own country and the stories of our collective foremothers and forefathers fleeing this tiny island in search of life in new lands, where hunger and religious persecution were not the norm...'

Messages to: Deirdre Mullan rsm

Image:By Bwag (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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Mercy Matters

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

Set it up in your bookmarks/favorites, and use the AmazonSmile Button for Chrome or Smile Redirect for Firefox browser add-ons to get reminded/forced to use Smile when you go to Amazon. Then, pick a charity—over a million 501(c)(3) public organizations are in the list, including Mercy ministries such as Mercy Beyond Borders—and when you buy eligible products, 0.5 percent of the purchase price will go toward your favorite charity. You don't get any tax benefit, but you still get what you purchased. Charities should visit org.amazon.com to register.

Cookery Nook Catering & Conference Centre joins together creative menus of home-style high quality food, and the hire of conference facilities. The Cookery Nook is a not-for-profit business service with a wide range of options to suit all needs.

The social impact of the business is that the additional objective is to support people with intellectual disabilities to live full and meaningful lives.  This takes place under the auspices of the Sisters of Mercy in Brisbane.

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1874: Eltham Convent founded from Bermondsey - Sr Camillus Dempsey
2002: Te Ukaipo Mercy Initiatives for Rangatahi begins in Auckland - Sister Mary Foy.

Post a fact about the Story of the Sisters of Mercy for our online archive

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Further Resources

Worth Considering:

Laudato Si'

If in England

Liverpool conference: 'Faith and Creation: A Call to Mission' to be held 24 October, 10am to 4pm at The Conference Centre, LACE, Liverpool. Details can be found here

If in Ireland

'The Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si', and its implications for Church and Society'. Lecture by  Sean McDonagh SCC. Wednesday, 7 October 2015 at 7.00pm at St Mary's Church, Haddington Road, Dublin. Admission is free


The Bottom Line:

'Modern ecology has opened our eyes to the existence of interconnected and interdependent webs of relationships. We begin to see that we are connected in reciprocal relationships, not only to one another, but to all creatures of Earth. Ecology, cosmology and other sciences demand that we look with new eyes and curious, open hearts at what God is revealing to us about creation. What the mystics intuited centuries ago, scientists and theologians work to articulate for us today. While insights into how the universe works come from science, and how God is at work within the story is the domain of the theologian, there is a thrilling "bi-lingual" dialogue going on between the two today.'

- Catherine Shelton rsj is an Adult educator and Facilitator

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