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Mercy e-News
Edition No. 667  |  20 April 2016
Featured Story
Catherine McAuley and Earth: Catalina McAuley y Nuestra Tierra

“Ecology” was not a term with which Catherine McAuley (1778-1841) could have been familiar.  However, many of her sayings and comments reveal the basic principles underlying her sense of the “world” (as she understood Earth), her attitudes toward it and all life on it, and her commitment to the personal efforts and sacrifices entailed in “ecological conversion and spirituality” (to use Pope Francis’s thoughtful expression)...

Download it here [A4 Paper Size]; [US Letter Size] (5pps; PDF)

Messages to: Mary C Sullivan rsm

«Ecología» no fue un término con el que Catalina McAuley (1778-1841) tal vez hubiera estado familiarizada.  Sin embargo, muchos de sus dichos y comentarios revelan los principios básicos subyacentes a su sentido del «mundo» (según ella entendió a nuestra Tierra), sus actitudes hacia ella y toda la vida en ella, y su compromiso a los esfuerzos y sacrificios personales en la conversión y espiritualidad «ecológica» (para utilizar la considerada expresión del Papa Francisco)...

Descargarlo aquí [A4 Paper Size]; [US Letter Size] (5pps; PDF)

Mensajes a: Mary C Sullivan rsm

Image: Earth Day © MIA 2016. MIA would be delighted to have this logo used by Mercy Congregations and Institutes, communities and ministries in promotion of this day. Email the Editor

Vision in Action
MIA Prayer Intention for the Coming Week: Prayer for the Earth

MIA invites us all to pray Pope Francis' prayer for the Earth on Earth Day, 22 April, when more than 130 heads of state and other high-level government officials are expected in New York City for the signing ceremony of the Paris agreement adopted at COP21 last year. Read more about this historic event here

Let us also keep in our prayers the people of Ecuador and Japan and the parts of their countries that have been devastated by earthquakes.

All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe
and in the smallest of your creatures....
Prayer for the earth

Dios omnipotente,
que estás presente en todo el universo
y en la más pequeña de tus criaturas...
Oración por nuestra Tierra

God, yu gat bikpela strong,
Na tu, yu yet stap insait long olgeta samting yu bin kamapim – bikpela samting, na liklik samting wantaim –
Yu holim olgeta samting klostu long bros bilong Yu, olsem mama I holim liklik pikinini.
Prea Bilong Helpim Graun (PDF)

Post your own Prayer or Reflection in our online Chapel

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

On 8 March, 2016, International Women’s Day, at the request of Mercy International Association, the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington, DC, welcomed the presentation: Exploiting Vulnerability - An Exploration of the Lives of Women Trafficked for Sexual Exploitation. Angela Reed rsm was joined in her presentation by her colleagues, research assistant Ms. Mariette Latonio and Ms. Mely Lenario. Along with Sr. Angela, these women from Cebu shared  their knowledge, insights and concerns and using story, song, and art, the presenters shared the complex and denigrating global reality of human trafficking...

Messages to:

Angela Reed rsm - Resident, Mercy Global Action
Mary Mulholland rsm - Assistant Director Mercy Mission Advancement MIA

Image: L-r: Mely Lenario, Angela Reed rsm, Mariette Latonio, Aine O'Connor rsm

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Mercyworld.org Website Navigation Banners Updated

The images that form part of each of the section banners in the top level navigation of the mercyworld.org website (About MIA, The Centre, Foundress etc) have been updated, reflecting the material in each section as well as events/activities that have engaged the Mercy family since this iteration of the website was launched in 2010.

To see the updated banners, you might need to clear the cache memory of your computer if you have repeatedly visited the same page/pages on the website. If you are unsure about how to clear cached pages, step by step guides for refreshing any web page can be found on this helpful site here

Messages to: the Editor

God of love and mercy, touch with your healing power and restore to full health: Peter Clarke, Denise Morrissey, Milkyzedek Guarda, Gabriela Rosales, Dominic Boardman, Greg Duhoski,   whose names are on our prayer list.

We ask this with confidence through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley. Amen.

Messages to: the Vice postulators

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MIA Reflection Process
Digital Resource Collections to Assist with Stage Two of the Process

The Guiding Team, with suggestions from other members of the Mercy family, have put together Digital Resource Collections - texts, images, links, videos, interactive elements - to assist groups looking at the following areas of concern to focus on a particular issue:

These collections have been created using a new technology that doesn't yet allow for simple naming; the URLs are automatically generated by the database. You might care to note these down.

The collections are representative rather than exhaustive and are intended as a starting point, not the last word. Suggestions of further resources for these collections are most welcome.These collections are also listed on the MIRP Microsite and the plan is to create collections on other MIRP areas of concern.

To navigate through the collection you are interested in viewing, click the forward arrow in the right-hand corner. Underlinings throughout the collection are hyperlinks. Video lengths are indicated, as is their year of release.

Messages to: Anne Walsh, Communications Director MIRP

Image: Homepage of the Displaced People collection. iStock. Used under licence

Meet Some of the Members of the Group 'Kentucky Folk' (Americas)

The 'Kentucky Folk' meet weekly at the home of the Sisters involved, making our study on Laudato Si' part of our ongoing Scripture preparation for the Sunday readings. We hope to take to heart and put into practice the teachings of Laudato Si', with special emphasis on realizing the effect of our “throw-away” practices on our home Earth and those who live on it.

Our group is comprised of 'ordinary rural folks'.  We have farmer’s wives, a mailman, a butcher, a Hospice worker, office workers at bourbon factories, a medical secretary and three Sisters!  We have settled on beginning our study by asking why there is so much litter on our beautiful rural roads—who throws it away and why, what materials of our earth are used so carelessly, what is the long term effect of such waste, etc.

Our first 'exercise' is for everyone to bring to our next meeting three pieces of litter they pick up from the road.  We will explore all that was involved in making the pieces of litter, including who made it, touched it, etc. and what was taken from Earth to make it.

Messages to: Marianne Comfort - MIRP Coordinator Americas

Standing. L-r:  Denise Smith, Marian Medley
Seated. L-r: Cathy Mattingly, Angela McDonald, Marilyn King rsm, Mary Louise Yurik rsm
Missing from photo are group members:  Gen Durcan, OCSO; Jack Clements, Debbie Hamilton, Agnes and Richard Keene, Charlie Miller

Meet the Group from Foxford/Ballina/Castlebar in the Western Province (The Congregation)

We are 8 Mercy Sisters - 3 retired Sisters living in Belmullet, one Sister works with travellers in Castlebar, 2 Sisters work in Hope House Foxford with alcoholics, gamblers and drug addicts and their families and 2 Sisters are retired in Ballina.

We held our Stage 1 meeting on 20 February in the beautiful town of Belmullet on the Wild Atlantic Way.  It began with a reflection on the Mercy International Process Logo.

Our hopes for the year are: To enjoy being in solidarity with all our Mercy Sisters all over the world as we raise our own awareness of the connection between care of the earth and care of the poor.

Messages to: Sheila Curran rsm - MIRP Coordinator The Congregation


Meet Groups from Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG)

A number of MIRP groups have been established in Wewak, Papua New Guinea. Among these are the 20 Friends of Mercy who have formed the 'Kunjingini Group', focussing on the issue of Domestic Violence and the 'Yarapos Group', formed by 12 people associated with Mercy College, Yarapos, focussing on reaching out to Mercy Youth.

Messages to: Adele Howard rsm - MIRP Coordinator ISMAPNG

Image: Kunjingini Group members at the Stage One meeting

MIA Members News
A Revolution of Tenderness: Extended Justice Team Contribute to US Election Guide (Americas)

Editor: The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Extended Justice Team (IJT) is among the coalition of Catholic organizations including the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and Pax Christi USA that has developed and endorsed an election guide, A Revolution of Tenderness. The IJT are offering the Guide to the Mercy community - Sisters, Associates, Companions, students, and partners in ministry - to assist each of them in the United States election preparation process.

While of relevance to US citizens, the guide will be of broad interest to the global Mercy family as it shows 'how we apply the teachings of our Church to the problems of our day with a heart of mercy'.

Messages to: Sisters of Mercy’s Extended Justice Team

Mercy Foundation Youth Awards 2016 (North Sydney Congregation)

The Mercy Foundation is an organisation committed to social justice and structural change to create greater social equity and inclusion in the Australian community. The primary social justice issue with which the Mercy Foundation is currently concerned is homelessness and its related causes and consequences. 

The Mercy Foundation Youth Awards is a video competition, open to students in secondary schools across Australia.

Students are challenged to create a short video, up to 4 minutes long, that answers the question 'Are food vans and sleeping bags enough?'

Entries close on Friday 24 June 2016 and winners will be announced in the week commencing 1 August.

Download competition materials:


                    Terms& Conditions

Entry FormTeachers Notes

Messages to: Sue Mowbray - Business Manager

Editor: Cynthia Serjak rsm, Director of the New Membership Office for the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and the six newest finally professed members of the Institute: Jennifer Wilson, Claudia Cano, Taryn Stark, Cathy Manderfield, Jacqueline Nedd, Durly Diane Salazar Granja were asked by 'The Huffington Post' what they wish more people knew about people who chose to enter religious life.

Their responses are in the article linked to this item.

Source: The Huffington Post

Messages to: Cynthia Serjak rsm

Image: L-r: Srs Jennifer Wilson and Mary Pat Galvin (ILT)

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Editor: Diane Smyth rsm, together with Srs Verna Aucun and Rose Silva Cumpa, represented Newfoundland Congregation on the 'Rome component' of the Year of Mercy pilgrimage for Sisters of Mercy, Associates and partners-in-Mercy.'It was a world-wide Mercy event that will not be easily forgotten and that will bring many blessings to the Mercy world,' wrote Sr Diane.

Among the many highlights for Sr Diane was tea at Mater Dei, the house of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God in Piazza di Spagna where she discovered significant historical connections between that congregation and the Sisters of Mercy...

Messages to: Diane Smyth rsm

Image: Sr Diane in blue at the barricade, directly in line with Pope Francis. Note our Mercy banner!

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Mercy Matters

'An instrument called the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer — or ASTER, for short — has been taking pictures of the Earth since it launched into space in 1999.

In that time, it has photographed an incredible 99% of the planet's surface.

Source: Tech Insider

Image: This shot of Manaus, Brazil, is the most popular image in the ASTER gallery.

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No events of particular significance are recorded in the 'Mercy through the Years' calendar as having taken place on this day.

Among the events in the Mercy calendar for tomorrow (21 April) is the Foundation to Tullamore from Baggot St in 1836 by Mary Anne Doyle

Contribute a fact about the Story of the Sisters of Mercy in your congregation or institute to our online archive

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'The literary context for today’s gospel reading is Jesus’ final meal with his disciples. Jesus has washed the feet of his foot-weary table companions, and has thus provided an example of what it means to love....'

-Veronica Lawson rsm

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Mercy Resource: It Commenced With Two...

The story tells of the relationship between Catherine McAuley and Mary Ann Doyle, and details the origins of the congregation. It also details the spread of the congregation through Mary Ann's Further foundations over 25 years after Catherine's death. A nice easy read - very suitable for new members, as well as for those who wish to recall the early days.

Contact: Bonnie Brennan rsm

McAuley Catholic College is a coeducational Catholic High School for students from Years 7-12. The College is founded on the traditions of the Mercy Sisters and Marist Brothers. Since the late 1800s the Sisters of Mercy have been involved in Catholic Education in Grafton and continue to have a significant presence and mission in the local community.

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'All acts of mercy are decisions made in the moment. We are blessed daily with many opportunities to reflect God's mercy through our daily interactions, and to see the face of God in the people we meet along the way, in the market, in traffic, in the workplace and even in our homes.'

-Kathy Schongar, Mercy Associate

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Further Resources

Worth Playing:

You're the Voice - An Anthem from Women For Climate Action & Hope celebrates the power of women to be changemakers and leaders on climate action. Be inspired by this powerful performance by women of all ages and from many cultures. Watch/Listen here (05:12) then you might like to add your name to the 1million women campaign for climate change here

Worth Following:

The World Resources Institute has unveiled its Paris Agreement Tracker The interactive tool will enable people to monitor countries’ progress toward ratifying the Paris agreement and allows users to create, share and embed their own combinations for bringing it into force.

Worth Watching:

Mindful of the 2016 Earth Day theme, 'Trees fror the Earth', watch Magnificent Giant Tree: Sequoia in a Snowstorm. The world's second-largest known tree, the President, in Sequoia National Park is photographed by National Geographic magazine. Watch it here (01:51)

Planting Seeds: captures the spirit of doing our part (planting the seeds), but then letting go and not holding on to what may come. Watch/listen here (04:27)

Worth A Look:

Classic poems modified for climate change such as 'The Waste Land' by T.S. Eliot:

'April is the cruelest month, breeding / Lilacs out of the dead land, but / July is super cruel also, scorching / Orange orchards so juice costs / Like $12, and avocados … / You can just forget about avocados.' Read them here

The Bottom Line:

'As we face the grand ecological crisis of our time, our most important renewable resource is hope. We simply must put it on with our shoes each morning.'

-Barbara Kingsolver, American novelist, essayist and poet

Send suggestions and contributions for the 'Worth...' section 2016 to: the Editor

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