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Edition No. 697  |  09 November 2016
Featured Story
The Day of Catherine's Death: El Día de la Muerte de Catalina

'This November 11 is the 175th anniversary of the death of Catherine McAuley. Let it not be just an ordinary day during which we briefly recall Catherine’s life and the events of her dying. May it be a sacramental time when the grace of her life and death renews and transforms all of us in her Mercy family, enveloped as we each are in the merciful paschal mystery of her living and dying...'

Download it here [A4 Paper Size]; [US Letter Size] (2 pps; PDF)
Messages to: Mary C Sullivan rsm

'Este 11 de noviembre es el 175º aniversario de la muerte de Catalina McAuley.  No dejemos que sea sólo un día ordinario durante el cual brevemente recordamos la vida de Catalina y los eventos de su muerte.  Que sea un tiempo sacramental cuando la gracia de su vida y muerte nos renueve y transforme a todas nosotras en su familia de la Misericordia, envueltas como cada una de nosotras está en el misericordioso misterio pascual de su vida y de su muerte...'

Descargarlo aquí [A4 Paper Size]; [US Letter Size] (2 pps; PDF)
Mensajes a: Mary C Sullivan rsm

Image: © 2016 MIA. This image is available to any Mercy group who would like to use it. Please contact the Editor

Vision in Action

Last Thursday, October 27th, history was made in Ireland.  A Bill to prohibit exploration and extraction of Petroleum from shale, tight sands and coal seams was brought before government who unanimously supported the Bill and agreed to bring it to its next vital stage - the process towards becoming law.  This Bill, when enacted, will act as a comprehensive ban on fracking, which is its primary objective.  The campaign against fracking has won a significant victory and has proved that fracking is not wanted in Ireland and that opposition to fracking across all government parties.

The passing of the anti-fracking bill in the Dáil has been welcomed by farming communities who said that “fracking provides no upside for farmers but potentially a lot of downside in terms of our clean, green food image.” ...

Messages to: Betty Lacey - MGA Researcher

iStock. Used under licence

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Mercy Global Action at the UN in partnership with the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd is pleased to announce our participation in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence beginning 25 November this year.

Our campaign 'Trafficked Women and Girls in their own words: #16Days16Stories' focuses on the experience of formerly trafficked women and girls who give testimony of gender discrimination and marginalization from childhood into early adulthood.  A series of 16 videos based on the publication ‘I Have a Voice: Trafficked women- In their Own words’ by Sr. Angela Reed and Marietta Latonio, has been developed, with one video to be launched each day throughout the campaign...

Messages to:
Angela Reed rsm - MGA Interim Coordinator at the UN
Colleen Cloonan - MGA intern

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MIA Prayer Intention: Remembering Catherine and All our Deceased Sisters

On this anniversary of Catherine McAuley's death we remember her and all our deceased Sisters who have given their lives in service to others...

We pray for Sisters of Mercy throughout the world, for our Associates, partners- in-Ministry and all members of the global Mercy family, that Catherine's life and death may continue to call us to embrace the spirit of hospitality and service.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

After concluding our 9 days of prayer in preparation for Remembrance Day, we are invited to post our own prayer, thought or reflection or simply be in the presence of Catherine at her grave

Adapted from 'Intercessions for Special Mercy Feasts' in the Morning and Evening Prayer of the Sisters of Mercy

Editor: RENATE (Religious in Europe Networking against Trafficking and Exploitation) has welcomed 130 members from 27 countries to Rome for their second European Assembly (6-12 November) where they are reflecting, learning, dialoguing and sharing best practices in their work to combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Among those attending the RENATE Assembly are Lynda Dearlove rsm (GB Institute, Women@theWell), Mary Ryan rsm (The Congregation) and Denise Boyle fmdm (Mercy Global Action).

In an article linked to this item, Sr Denise shares her highlight from day one - the group's private audience with Pope Francis on 7 November...

Pope Francis' Address to the members of RENATE can be read here

Messages to: Denise Boyle fmdm - Assistant Director MIA, Mercy Global Action

Image: L-r: Denise Boyle fmdm, Lynda Dearlove rsm, Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancelor of the Pontifical Academy of Science and Social Sciences

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Donate a Plaque on a Memorial Brick

Be among the many people whose names are printed forever on plaques around the area of the ‘Wall of Remembrance’ in the garden of Mercy International Centre, where Catherine McAuley is buried. A contribution to the equivalent of €500 will ensure your name or the name of a loved one – living or deceased – is prayed for and remembered forever.

General donations are always welcome!

Donations to MIC may be made online here (secure payment gateway)

Messages to: Margaret Scroope rsm - Assistant Director Administration and Finance

Reminder: MIA Ministry Position

Applications are invited for the position of Mercy Global Action Coordinator at the UN (Commencing 1 February 2017).The position will be based in New York, with initially a 3 year contract.

Download the Position Description here (2pps; PDF)

Please apply, attaching a Curriculum Vitae and names of 2 Referees, to: Mary Reynolds rsm, Executive Director MIA

Closing Date for applications: 25 November 2016

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

MIA Reflection Process
Kitty's Corner Group: Stages Three and Four ISMAPNG)

The Kitty's Corner Group  (five Sisters, two lay women) met twice for Stage Three. The focus issue was 'Consumerism and Disrespect for all Forms of Life'.  Included in this item can be found:

Stage Three Findings: Session 1

Stage Three - Plan for Session 2

Stage Three Findings: Session Two

Stage Four: Actions

The group has decided to meet in February 2017 to evaluate our actions

Messages to: Adele Howard rsm - MIRP Coordinator ISMAPNG

Image: L-r: Celebrating the MIRP experience. Carmel Gauci, Catherine Corbett rsm, Carlene Allen rsm, Rosalia Carlon, Colleen Weatherall rsm, Kate McArthy rsm,  Eileen Quade rsm. We are holding up our laminated "pledge for action" cards

Report on MIRP Stages 1-4 from Meánscoil Mhuire, Longford (The Congregation)

Group: 24 Transition Year (TY) students and facilitating teacher Anita Griffin at Meánscoil Mhuire.

Anita is the TY coordinator. Having heard about the MIA Process she was most interested in participating. As the Transition Year programme for the school year 2015 – 2016 was already planned and underway in November/ December, Anita decided that she would take on the process when some of the modules already underway were completed. The group started the MIA process at the beginning of February.

The class worked as a unit but for convenience divided into two discussion groups. The students used Misericordiae Vultus and Laudato Si as aids in the process. They also made good use of the support materials...

Anita plans to use the MIRP process with further groups

Download the complete report here (PDF)

Messages to: Sheila Curran rsm - MIRP Coordinator The Congregation 

COP 22: The Earth Community to the Delegates at Marrakech

Editor: From 7-18 November 2016, delegates from the 195 parties to the U.N.climate talks are meeting in Marrakech, Morocco at the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22). COP 22 is being called 'The COP of Action' because its task is to figure out how to achieve the priorities of the Paris Agreement.

Follow COP 22 here

Conference Schedule is here

Participate virtually here

Green Faith, an interfaith coalition for the environment founded in 1992, is inviting signatures to the Interfaith Climate Statement to show governments that people of faith want climate action, now.

The COP22 Interfaith Statement is a joint effort of more than thirty faith groups from around the world.

The Statement can be read in English and in Spanish here

The Statement will be handed over on 10 November at a COP 22 side event

The form to sign is linked to this item

Messages to: Anne Walsh - Director of Communications MIRP

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MIA Members News

The Sisters of Mercy join with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others in their efforts to protect the water, land and sacred sites being threatened by the Dakota Access Pipeline project that will span across the United States from North Dakota to Illinois. Every day as much as 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day would flow through this pipeline, traversing the tribe’s ancestral lands and the Missouri River, the source of water for the tribe—and for many states of the Midwest. We are also increasingly concerned about the militarized response of law enforcement agencies against those gathering at the site...

Messages to: Sisters of Mercy's Institute Justice Team

Editor: Sisters Aine O’Connor and Kathleen Erickson who were joined at Standing Rock by Mike Poulin, a member of the Sisters of Mercy Justice Team's West-Midwest region,were interviewed in an article 'Catholic nuns join Sioux in opposing Dakota oil pipeline' published in Crux on 4 November. The article can be read here. A Prayer for Standing Rock can be viewed/read here. Join the chorus of voices saying “enough” to injustice, here

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Parramatta Congregation concluded our Chapter on 10 October and the new Leader and Council will take office on 8 December, 2016.

The Sisters are: Congregation Leader: Mary-Louise Petro rsm. Councillors: Maria Lawton rsm (Vicar), Patricia Bolster rsm, Margaret Jones rsm, Margaret Sheppard rsm.

In developing their Chapter Statement  the Sisters drew deeply from: the richness and challenges of Laudato Si'; the many resources made available in this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy; and their own deep passion for and commitment to advocacy and action on behalf of our suffering earth and the poor and marginalised. Read more here

Messages to: New Leadership Team c/- Maria Lawton rsm

L-r: Srs Patricia Bolster (Councillor), Margaret Jones (Councillor), Margaret Sheppard (Councillor), Mary-Louise Petro (Congregation Leader), Maria Lawton (Congregation Vicar)

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ACRATH's Reflective Actions for 16 days of Activism (Australia)

ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans), the NGO that Sisters of Mercy in Australia work with to address the issue of trafficking, has announced that it will undertake 16 Days of action and reflection against gender violence, stopping to light a candle each day with a particular intention in mind. Activities commence on the anniversary of the brutal assassination of three strong women activists in the Dominican Republic (25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women), to the day the world marks as International Human Rights Day (10 December).

ACRATH's resources can be accessed here

Messages to: Anne Tormey rsm - President ACRATH

In October 2006, the Sisters of Mercy had a dream and from that dream a seed was born which over the last ten years has grown into a big tree. The tree is the Mater Comprehensive Care Unit in Nairobi, Kenya for the treatment and care of HIV infected clients.

With Catherine it began with two.  At the Mater it began with 80 clients who transferred from St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Nairobi. 10 clients who were enrolled on 3 October 2006 are still with us. This is a tribute to the great care they have received over the past 10 years....

Messages to: Brigid Marnane rsm - Project Manager

Image: IGA Participants attending a Training Session

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'Whether teaching in schools, nursing the sick, mentoring the troubled, the Sisters of Mercy have helped shape the Catholic Church in Tennessee in the 150 years since the first six sisters arrived in Nashville from Providence, Rhode Island...

“Thanks be to the most merciful Redeemer that you, and Sisters of Mercy who went before you, have cast yourselves personally and deliberately into the arms of God’s loving providence, and that for 150 years you have taken from so many hearts their painful anxiety, always delighting them, and us, with the hope of possessing the Lord, our God and our all,” Msgr. Campion, a retired Nashville diocesan priest, said during the Oct. 30 Mass at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville...'

Messages to: Sisters of Mercy Tennessee c/- Lauren Albright - Institute Communications Office

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' “Catherine McAuley presents a strong and relevant female identity of the Catholic Church and a lift story which can speak to adolescents and young adults in a secondary school,” said Bishop Bill. “In this Year of Mercy, Catherine McAuley Catholic College is a great gift of Mercy to the Diocese and recognises the Mercy Sisters’ historic contribution to the Peninsula.”

Director of Catholic Schools, Ray Collins, said Catherine McAuley is an inspiring role model who devoted her life to Catholic education and health, and the name is well suited to the geographic area of the school, as well as the identity planned for the college...'

Source: MNNews.today

Messages to: Alyssa Faith - Communications Manager for the Catholic Schools Office

Img: L-r: Mary Geason rsm, Community Leader Central B, Bill Wright, Bishop of Maitland-Newcastle, Ray Collins, Director of Catholic Schools. Photo: MNNews Today. Reproduced with permission

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Mercy Matters

'In our own troubled times, we are called to witness to a gospel way of life, to hold the word of God fast in honest and good hearts, and to trust that we are not alone in the everyday struggles of life, even when the world seems to be collapsing around us.'

- Veronica Lawson rsm

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No event of particular significance is recorded in the 'Mercy Through the Years Calendar' as having taken place on 9 November. We know, however, that the Works of Mercy continued to be carried out and so we remember on this day Catherine and all our Sisters, Associates and partners-in-Ministry who have given their lives in service to others.

Contribute a fact about the Story of the Sisters of Mercy in your congregation or institute to our online archive

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10 very useful things you can do on your iPhone's lock screen

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Celebrate in prayer and song on Remembrance Day by singing the Suscipe and praying the prayer for Catherine's Beatification.

Two versions of the Suscipe are linked to this page: Marie Cox rsm (The Congregation) singing the version with music by Elaine Deasy rsm (Americas) and Teresa Martin rsm (The Congregation) singing her own musical composition.

From the page linked to this item both tracks can be downloaded in mp3 format onto your computer. Further information is provided should you wish to purchase the albums on which these songs appear.

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From Catherine's Room in Baggot Street, Mercy Associate Anne Reid narrates an account of the last days and death of  Catherine McAuley (14:05).

Image: The room at Baggot Street in which Catherine McAuley died and which is known as 'Catherine's room'

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New Resource

This book explores how the legacy of Irish missionaries— an estimated 30,000 between 1920 and 1970—is being continued in Africa, Asia, and South America. The book, which contains many references to the Sisters of Mercy, is written by Matt Moran, former Chairperson of Misean Cara. The foreword is by Mary Robinson recommending it and it was launched by Senator Rónán Mullen (5 pps; PDF) on 19 October, ahead of World Mission Day. Available from the publisher OnStream Publications Cork.

A detailed and informative report on the book can be read here

Profits from sales will go to World Missions Ireland for missionary activity in the global south

Further Resources

Worth Playing:

Love Goes On by Bernadette Farrell. Video clip with lyrics. Watch/listen here (02:31). Purchase on *iTunes; *Google Play

The Bottom Line:

'Catherine lived out her days in faith and love, aware of the present, envisioning times yet to come and leaving a heritage forceful enough to keep her Sisters moving into the future. She was quite well aware of her vocation as an evangeliser. She modelled herself on Jesus, walked in His way, and lived in His Spirit... Her charism of Mercy enabled her to break through the darkness of her time and to point out a new way of faith, hope and love.'

-  Anne Hannon rsm (The Congregation)- former Vice-postulator Europe and Africa

Send suggestions and contributions for the 'Worth...' section 2016 to: the Editor

16 Days
Remembrance Day
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