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Mercy Enews
No. 498 | 23 January 2013

Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, used her inheritance in service of the needs of her time. Today, Sisters of Mercy, through Mercy International Association, use their resources to respond to issues of global poverty demonstrated in the massive displacement of persons worldwide...This vision keeps alive the founding spirit of Catherine among peoples of the world most in need of God's compassion and mercy.
from the MIA Visioning Statement 2007


Mission in Mache, Peru (The Congregation)

" Perched 3,256m (11,000 feet approx.) up in the Northern Andes, under the towering summit of Miramar,  looking down on the sloping valleys, Mache ( from a Quechan Word meaning 'sweet', 'pleasant', 'pleasing' , 'ripe', 'well-seasoned' ) is one of the ten districts in the Province of Otuzco in the La Libertad Region of Peru.

When the first Sisters of Mercy arrived here in 1994 to start a new mission, the journey from Trujillo took eight hours. Since then the roads have improved somewhat because of the mining interests in Agallpampa. Now the 100 km journey from Trujillo can be done in three hours. An asphalt road, rising all the time, goes as far as Otuzco and then an hour’s journey on a track, still rising, takes you into the very heart of the Andes to the little town of Mache..."

Messages to: Angelica González Haro rsm

Editor: Having set the scene for us so vividly in her article linked to this item, Angelica then recounts the ministry activity of the Sisters currently missioned there - she and Cáit Wims rsm. Through this, the first feature for 2013, we are transported to one of the many Mercy places in the 44 countries where Sisters of Mercy and their co-workers live and minister. Over the course of the year we will visit many such centres of Mercy inspiration and activity. Let your place be one of them. Share your news with us. Submit your article online or email it to the Editor.

Photo: Mache and surrounding countryside


Mercy Links

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Worth watching: Landfill Harmonic (especially by Mercy musicians). See what happens when a cello made from an oil can and pieces of wood thrown in the garbage; a saxophone made of spoons and buttons and other instruments crafted by Nicolas, a recycler with no previous experience making musical instruments, are given to children living hand-to-mouth by the garbage dump in Catuera, Paraguay. Be inspired.

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