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Mercy Enews
No. 501 | 13 February 2013

Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, used her inheritance in service of the needs of her time. Today, Sisters of Mercy, through Mercy International Association, use their resources to respond to issues of global poverty demonstrated in the massive displacement of persons worldwide...This vision keeps alive the founding spirit of Catherine among peoples of the world most in need of God's compassion and mercy.
from the MIA Visioning Statement 2007


Mercy Global Action Voices Concern at the UN

Last week we alerted the world of Mercy to Mercy Global Action activities relative to the Commission on Social Development currently in session at the UN in New York. On Wednesday, 6 February, MGA Coordinator at the UN Aine O'Connor provided a thought-provoking question to the panel of experts and the delegates present in the United Nations hall. The question stems from our written statement and represents an aspect of MIA priorities that speak to the violation of human rights and eco-justice perpetrated by destructive mining as witnessed by Mercy throughout the world. Her question follows:

• Currently, many member states and United Nations bodies maintain that natural resource extraction in mineral, oil, and gas-rich countries promotes people empowerment, sustainable development and poverty eradication.
• However, the experience of our members in several countries overwhelmingly reveals these extractive models of development often disempower people, perpetuating joblessness, poverty, discord and destruction of livelihoods.
Consequently, we submit to the panel the following two questions:
1) What measures must be taken to empower the people’s true experience of extractives to be heard by members states and the Commission on Social Development?
2) How can we muster the political will and where can we find policy space for an evidence-based UN global study of the social, environmental, and economic impacts of extractive industries in order to influence policy regulation of the sustainable management of natural resources and to ensure people's empowerment and poverty eradication?

Messages to: Aine O'Connor rsm - MGA Co-ordinator at the UN

Deirdre Mullan rsm (The Congregation) representing the Partnership for Global Justice is also attending the Commission for Social Development. Read her report.

Mercy Links

Worth Reading: Barbara Fredrickson, the Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is the author of the new book on love : "Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become". In this article she shares 10 lessons she has learned about love, including this: that "micro-moments of love not only make you healthier, but being healthier builds your capacity for love. Little by little, love begets love by improving your health. And health begets health by improving your capacity for love".

Worth Viewing: "Everything is Incredible” is a moving short documentary about Agustin, a Honduran man who despite being severely disabled by polio, has been building his own helicopter for the past 50 years. The helicopter, which resides in Agustin’s small house, is made out of bicycle parts, rebar, and other scavenged materials. Click here to view the film (10 minutes)

Worth Knowing:
Tomorrow, 14 February, ONE BILLION women and those who love them are expected to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to violence against women. Will you be among them? Visit the One Billion Rising website to learn more. Watch the very powerful One Billion Rising Short Film (3 minutes)

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Lenten Programme
Looking for a Lenten programme for personal reflection or group study? Six weekly reflections on the Readings of Cycle C for Lent have been prepared  by Tricia Stevenson rsj and made publicly available. The beautifully presented 16 page booklet can be accessed from the Sisters of St Joseph website (PDF)

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