November 14, 2017

Events Celebrating 25 years of MIA

Over the past month, we have chosen a few occasions on which to mark the coming into existence of Mercy International Association.

On October 11, we  marked the founding moment by presenting in MercyeNews a video of the signing into existence of MIA and the transfer of the Deeds of 64a Baggot Street from the Sisters of Mercy, Dublin to Mercy International Association. The original event took place in Newfoundland.

On October 12th, the actual date of the establishment of MIA, a small celebration took place with pilgrims from St. Louis Health Care system, who were on pilgrimage to Mercy International Centre at that time. Mr. Lynn Britton, CEO/President of the Health Care system cut the celebratory cake to mark the occasion.

On October 24th, Sr. Doris Gottemoeller, first President of Mercy International Association visited the Centre and shared memories of the founding event.

On November 3rd, MIA Board of Directors marked the 25 years by a celebratory prayer ritual

On November 11th, there was a special remembrance at the Eucharist of all those, now deceased, who had made a particular contribution to the founding and success of MIA.


Image: Mary Reynolds rsm placing the scroll of names on Catherine's grave, part of the Remembrance Day celebrations. The invitation to include in the liturgy at Baggot Street the names of loved ones who had died during the preceding 12 months was widely appreciated and over 500 community members, friends and relatives were remembered in this way. The scroll of names will continue to be a feature of the annual Remembrance Day celebrations

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