March 28, 2003

Final Commitment to the Congregation

Congratulations to Magdalen Musau,Patricia Kyambu, Agnes Kariuki and Stella Mutiso, from the Kenyan Province,on your final commitment to the Congregation. We wish you much happiness in your lives as Sisters of Mercy.

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy (Brazil, Britain, British Columbia, Ireland, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, United States, Zambia)

Recently, Sister Michele O’Leary (Pittsburgh) received the 2002 David Glick Award from the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, Pa. for her distinguished service in advancing understanding of world affairs. Michele founded the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh in 1989 to promote mutual understanding between the Catholic and Protestant traditions of Northern Ireland and to assist in economic development throughout all of Ireland.

The Institute offers on-the-job training and mutual understanding programs in Pittsburgh and promotes development of small businesses in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Its programs educate, train, motivate, enrich, and support individuals for successful employment and promote job creation in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The organization’s long-term goals encourage the evolution of an inclusive and integrated society in Northern Ireland, provide vocational and on-the-job work experiences for unemployed and underemployed people of Northern Ireland and Ireland, and promote the growth of small businesses in the two countries.

Michele is one of very few women to receive the David Glick Award since it was first given in 1964.

Micaela Young
Communications Director, Pittsburgh

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