March 31, 2021

'Fix You' Song by St Mary's Primary School, Eltham, London, Chamber Choir

Past Pupils, Jay and Anna, both professional singers, together with current students at St Mary’s and their headmaster on guitar, found new ways to sing wonderfully together during lockdown. This performance of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ (words) was filmed online last month. Note the inspiring quotation from Captain Sir Tom Moore that appears with many of the children and which has carried so many people in the UK through lockdown: ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’, and don’t miss the big finish which incorporates heartfelt scenes from the book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse .

Click here to play the video

St Mary’s began as a school run by Sisters of Mercy and the Convent is still on site which means that the Sisters, while no longer in a teaching role, are able to still be involved in the life of the school.

Messages to: Mr Sims and Miss Phipps - Headteachers

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