June 17, 2015

Flaming the Fire of Mercy: Creation Waiting in Eager Longing

We have come to a Kairos moment in Mercy International Association!

 In 2013, Mercy Global Action’s Theological Advisory Committee began to develop an international reflection process to provide ways for all of us to explore the challenges and issues that the new cosmology and its link to eco-justice are bringing to light in our world. Such a process would build on our rich Mercy resources and deepen connections which we have been steadily building across the Mercy world. The Committee, in that first moment, could never have imagined the threads which would soon emerge to weave that initial concept into a tapestry of vibrant colours!

With its 20th anniversary celebrations in September 2014, Mercy International Association was ignited through the creative ways in which it was able to connect all of us in celebration and gratitude.
The Year of Consecrated Life for 2015 challenged us as women religious to dare to “Wake Up The World.”
The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, beginning on 08 December 2015, calls us to explore Mercy anew in a world in which the other-than-human and the human together cry out for such mercy. This very week, Pope Francis will give the world an encyclical on the environment and human ecology, the first encyclical to focus specifically on creation and human relationship with it.

At the recent May meetings in Dublin, all our Mercy leaders and the MIA board took a decision to invite Sisters of Mercy and our partners in Mercy to participate in a worldwide process that would enable the weaving together of all these threads within a contemplative space so that we can discern together globally a shared response to the cry of Earth. Over the next few months, under the leadership of an international team, we will learn more about how we can become involved in our own small groups locally and how we can be connected globally in reflection and conversation in that contemplative space.

We thank our God of Mercy for the privilege that we have been given to live Mercy in this time. Let us rejoice in this Kairos moment!

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Berneice Loch rsm - President MIA Members
Pat McDermott rsm - Chair MIA Board

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