July 13, 2021

Flip Books of the Set of 16 Mercy Global Presence Posters

For each of the themes of the four segments of Mercy Global Presence (MGP) we created, in English and Spanish, four landscape sized posters comprising the names of presenters, key words/phrases and images drawn from each monthly theme.

At the conclusion of each segment we created a flip book of the posters from that segment as an accessible way for participants to reflect on the richness of each of the themes. The individual posters and segment flip books can be accessed here:

Having now concluded the MGP process we present for your reflection the 16 posters in one flip book in English and in Spanish

We hope that this approach will allow participants in the sixteen month process (September 2019 - June 2021) a means for recall and reflection and will enable newcomers an entry point into the process.

-Mercy Global Presence Guiding Team and Coordinators

Flip Book of All Sixteen Posters in English

Click the maximise video icon (4 corners on right) in the slider to display the flip book full screen, then use the arrows to turn the pages

Libro de Bolsillo con Los Dieciséis Carteles en Español

Haga clic en el icono de maximizar el vídeo (4 esquinas a la derecha) en el control deslizante para mostrar el libro abatible a pantalla completa y, a continuación, utilice las flechas para pasar las páginas

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