June 07, 2010

Forgiveness – A Work of Mercy

In her paper : Forgiveness – A Work of Mercy Newly Relevant in the Twenty- First Century, Margaret A. Farley, rsm, poses a very challenging question regarding what actions to choose that are possible or feasible, and what strategies to develop in the face of our own and others’ deep human limitations.

She identifies a particular work of Mercy called for in a new way by the multiple situations of our time, in our world – the work of ‘forgiving all injuries’. She argues that an attitude of ‘anticipatory’ as well as ‘actual’ forgiveness constitutes today a necessary challenge to the church as well as to groups, nations and societies around the world and especially to those whose particular calling is to bring Mercy to the world.

She concludes with this inspiring exhortation:

If Sisters of Mercy can learn to embody this particular work in new ways, in all the troubled and troubling contexts of human distress and need, we will, I believe, be able to speak truth to power, stand in solidarity with those powerless and injured, challenge forces of evil whether in systems or ideologies, surrender our hearts in a plea for divine forgiveness for ourselves and for all whom we refuse to judge as our enemies. Insofar as this is today’s challenge and call to all the world, and within the church, surely it is our call in a particular way.’

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