July 27, 2014

Forthcoming in Mercy E-news: Getting Ready for the September Celebrations

Here's some of what's coming up in Mercy E-news over the next few weeks to help us in our preparations for the week of celebrations in September.

Issue 577 (6 August) Join us in Prayer -The 'Prayer for MIA' written for this occasion (and beyond) by Mary Wickham rsm (ISMAPNG) will be available online with an invitation to Participate in the 30 Days Pilgrimage of Prayer (commences 25 August).

Issue 578 (13 August) Practice Your Singing - Mercy E-news will link to the songs and hymns being used in the rituals.

Issue 579 (20 August) Send Special Celebration Greetings - an invitation to creative response will be issued online.

Issue 580 (27 August) Familiarise yourself with the Ritual Elements - prayer rituals will be online; Make Technical Preparations - what you need to know/have in place to join in the Livestreams from Baggot Street.

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