December 12, 2012

Foundation Day (MIA)

As we celebrate Foundation Day 12/12/12, we recall with great joy the events of the 12/12/ 1831, one hundred and eighty one years ago today.

In her description of the day, Mary Sullivan in 'The Path of Mercy’ describes the simple but wondrous event of that day. Outlining the wording of the Act of Profession spoken by Catherine McAuley, Mary Anne Doyle and Elizabeth Harley, she says: ‘The Act of Profession that morning constituted the founding of the Sisters of Mercy. Much personal courage and resoluteness, as well as trust in the providence of a merciful God, lay behind their human words’.

Mary, in her description of the return to Baggot Street captures the excitement - their companions waiting for them at the front door, the young ones, including Catherine’s 12 year old niece Catherine rushing to the windows to get the first glimpse of the carriage, and the overjoyed Anne O’Grady waiting in the Infirmary. Mary simply states: Probably no eyewitness manuscript does justice to what happened when the front door was opened: ‘Heartfelt joy’ must be an understatement.

Today, we celebrate the 55,000 women, who since Catherine have pronounced their vows as Sisters of Mercy. We celebrate the mission of Mercy, established by Catherine, that not only thrived but spread throughout the world because of daring women willing to respond to the needs of the world’s poorest and neediest. We celebrate the 8000 Sisters of Mercy, the 5000 Associates and the 250,000+ Partners in Ministry that today keep the founding Vision of Catherine alive in 44 countries around the globe.

Amen we affirm, Amen we encourage, Amen we bless and we celebrate. Amen.

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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