August 15, 2010


This week we tour the Foundress section of the web. It comprises four parts: a chronology which explores the highlights of Catherine's life, a short illustrated story of her life, an overview of the canonization process and an interactive map of Catherine’s Dublin. The front page of this section is beautifully set off with a portrait of Catherine, overlaid with a continuously changing selection of her sayings.

This is a modified version of the chronology prepared by Mary Sullivan, rsm and is a very useful and abbreviated outline of the major events and personal relationships in Catherine’s life. It has five parts –Beginning, Foundation, Early years, Expansion and Final months – each preceded by a summary statement of that period. Each part can be accessed separately, making it a user friendly reference guide.

This is literally a page turner! The beautiful illustrations and simple text make it a creative and reflective read. While holding appeal for all ages, it will prove particularly useful for those wishing to introduce the story of Catherine to young readers.

Catherine’s Dublin

People who come on pilgrimage to Baggot Street often like to walk the streets that Catherine walked and to visit places that were significant to her. You can now ‘virtually’ do a tour of Dublin and visit many landmarks of importance in her life or linked to the history of the Sisters of Mercy. Click on ‘Catherine’s Dublin’. When the map opens up, click on a number. A photograph of the particular site, with a brief description of its significance in Catherin’s life will open up. If you have done a ‘Walking and Praying’ pilgrimage, this will revive memories; if you have never done such a pilgrimage, it will give you an idea of places associated with Catherine and perhaps inspire you to do the pilgrimage.

This part is a very comprehensive overview of the Canonisation process which is now in progress. It carries a video presentation on the topic and several articles. The sections, Why Canonization and The Stages introduce the reader to information about canonization in general, while The Cause deals specifically with the Cause of Catherine McAuley and introduces the Postulator, Brenda Dolphin, rsm and Vice Postulators: Anne Hannon,rsm; Sheila Kearney ,rsm; Mary Duffy, rsm and others associated with the work of progressing the cause.

The section on Prayers provides a prayer for the beatification of Catherine as well as a prayer for the sick while Prayers requested invites us all to intercede through Catherine for many people in need in various ways. Meeting Catherine today is a collection of heartening stories from people whose lives or the lives of their loved ones have been touched by Catherine. .The section on Articles offers a wide range of reflective presentations related to Catherine, while Sharing the Stories carry extracts of presentations at assemblies and meetings. Full contact details for the Postulator and Vice Postulator are available in Contact.

This section gives an insight into the growing awareness of people into the inspirational quality of Catherine’s life. While it is for us to make Catherine known in a way that inspires and encourages others in their faith journey, it is equally important that in our own lives today we keep alive the founding spirit of Catherine among peoples of the world most in need of God’s compassion and mercy.(MIA Vision).

Messages to Mary Reynolds rsm - Director MIA

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