August 21, 2014

From Your House to Catherine's House: Send Us A Message

Editor: For the past 7 years, readers of Mercy Enews have taken the opportunity each September to post a greeting or reflection for Mercy Day on the website. Like Catherine's letters to the early Sisters, these greetings have strengthened the bonds of union among us. Like the weekly E-news items they have given us new insights and developed our understanding of this global reality we each belong to known as Mercy International.

In five weeks time we will begin the celebrations at home and abroad of 20 years of MIA, gathering in person and online for shared prayer and communal activities.

It is our hope in this 20th Anniversary year to receive a greeting for Mercy Day from each of the 40+ countries where Sisters of Mercy and our Partners-in-ministry live and minister, and to hear from many of you each day as you join in the celebrations. Send those messages for the website and Enews to

In her Introduction to The Correspondence of Catherine McAuley, 1818-1841, Mary C Sullivan describes how Catherine McAuley, when writing to her Sisters, wrote 'not from a script, but from her heart—to offer affection, to give encouragement, to cheer, to affirm the demands of justice, to console, to incite laughter, to express gratitude, to keep playfulness alive'. (p23)

May our many communications with each other over these celebration days reflect Catherine's humanity and her 'everyday love'. (p23)

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA


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