March 08, 2014

Fundraising Grows

In Catherine McAuley’s own life, what began with two (Catherine and Mary Ann Doyle) quickly caught the attention and commitment of others. Supported by Archbishop Daniel Murray and Carmelite Father Redmond O’Hanlon, Catherine was joined by women of her day to respond to women and children in distress. Thankfully, we know the story and are continually renewed by its inspiration as we encounter the distress of others in our own time and place.

Seated l-r: Patricia Bell rsm, Colette Cronin rsm,
Andrew Harston, Joan Breen rsm
Standing l-r: Mary Waskowiak rsm,
Aelred Carlin rsm,
Paul Murray, Peter Burnett

Similarly, MIA’s Office of Development-Fundraising began with two – Mary Waskowiak rsm and her assistant, Brittany Soracco. Almost simultaneously, members of the Great Britain Mercy family saw the need to organize their efforts to focus fundraising needs and goals. By September 2012 Sister Patricia Bell rsm (Leader at that time of the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy Great Britain) and Mr. Peter Burnett (recently retired Solicitor with the firm IBB Law) had organized the MIA-GB Fundraising Committee, the first for MIA!

The committee meets 2-3 times a year and is graciously hosted by the Sisters of Mercy in Sunderland, Great Britain. Members of the committee include:

  • Chair: Dr. Paul Murray, Professor of Systematic Theology and Founding Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies at Durham University
  • Members: Patricia Bell rsm, Joan Breen rsm, Peter Burnett, Aelred Carlin rsm, Colette Cronin rsm (current Leader of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain), and Andrew Harston (Development Executive and Head of Major Gifts, Durham University).

To date, the committee has accomplished the establishment of a registered charity in Great Britain that is able to accept financial gifts/pledges according to British tax law and is focusing its attention on a fundraising strategy that would invite former pupils, friends and others to give to the MIA fundraising campaign.

Most outstanding in Great Britain has been the generosity of the Mercy congregations. Catherine McAuley was able to found the Sisters of Mercy because she received a legacy gift from Mr. and Mrs. Callaghan. The Great Britain Mercy gifts/pledges give promise to a future for Mercy that will further Catherine’s legacy of union, charity and service.

Please join this international fundraising effort in any way you can. Let the Sisters and their Mercy partners urge you to action! Help us continue to meet our goal of 20 million euro that will enable us to create an endowment. This endowment will allow MIA to use the interest earned on the principle to:
- fund the upkeep of our beloved Mercy International Centre, Catherine’s first House of Mercy
- eliminate the trafficking of women and children
- ensure clean and safe water for all
- end unsafe and violent mining practices that harm person and Earth
- strengthen Mercy’s presence and voice at the United Nations

And, at all times, pray that our fundraising efforts flow from genuine compassion and merciful service.

Messages to: Mary Waskowiak rsm - MIA Director Development-Fundraising

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