April 14, 2020

Further Update from Mercy Global Action

The Mercy Global Action monthly newsletter will continue to be published. This newsletter can be accessed on the Mercy World Website here

Our latest edition focusses on some of the implications of COVID-19 in terms of social, health and economic impacts. In particular, it will highlight how people experiencing homelessness are impacted by COVID-19.

We recognise that this is an incredibly challenging time for our world. Now, more than ever, we as a global community of Mercy are called to be compassionate, generous, just and kind. This  flows from the heart of Mercy and these are the values that  underpin Mercy International's Global Action program.

Recently, an NGO colleague shared the following interaction which took place in Lima. It is a stark reminder that, although a global reality , the impact of COVID-19 will vary significantly across the world. We must never forget our brothers and sisters throughout the world who face marginalisation and discrimination and are rendered poor. 

“Today in Latina they interviewed a lady who sells breakfast in the fruit market of Lima and she said something very painful to the journalist who urged her to comply with the law…

What law, that law that never assists us, that abandons us; here we are robbed, violated, assaulted almost every day and we have to survive day by day as we can, without assistance, without support, without news, without medicine, without police, only municipal employees who charge us a daily quote? Now that the virus is attacking the “pitucos” (the rich) now they do care, but if it were only the poor affected like with Dengue, Pneumonia or maybe other diseases there is no law, no justice, no citizenship, no solidarity  support.

Such painful realities are what we as Mercy are called to be attuned to  and to act for justice, where that is possible, and to accompany the afflicted in our hearts and prayer.

Messages to: Angela Reed rsm - Head of Mercy Global Action

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