September 28, 2021

Generative Conversation Visual Record

I started my painting by saying a prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide my mind and hand, a shadow fell through the window onto my canvas with a picture of a frame and the leaves of the trees swaying in the breeze. It was a sign as an artist. I’m always looking for signs and it is always the way each of us would like to look at a painting with new eyes.


Below are my thought processes during the six sessions on Generative Conversation. I had the privilege of working and listening to some dynamic contributions from Mercy International Association which in turn caused me to focus on achieving rather than dreaming.


The first day featured the theme Tapping into Catherine to Reignite the Passion. There was a distinct theme of a future of hope and “The Door of Mercy” which is colored red in the painting. It is an open door to the world in this pandemic where most of us have had to work from home, a sense of contemplation and openness held on floorboards which are hues of blue, yellow and green, a sense of security and strong structure. The tree through the door, the reawakening of future possibilities. Co-initiating – listen to others and to what life calls you to do. 


The trees next to the door are the wise long trees with years of wisdom: a community of living entities, on a sunny day, place of twilight shadows, shape-lifting and elusive. It becomes a metaphor for the mystery of the human psyche – an ‘inward turning’, a contemplative reticence of ancient life forms in whose stillness resides the infinite potential of life itself. The colors of the leaves of the trees are orange and sap green to bring in the Autumn Equinox along with the bare branches to what lies ahead – the start of the fall.


Co-sensing – under the floorboards, the grids which are the color of fire showcase the white silhouettes of the different ministries, signify the distance and boundaries to be kept in mind during these times. A legitimate diversity in all walks of life where the fire ignites into a defined 'corporate commitment' to work towards a healing presence by working for sustainable justice, especially for women and children, a motivating force to guide and a Gospel voice.


The voice of Catherine has invited us to be real, challenged us to know, and to be the first voice. Carpe diem – “seize the day”. We are Mercy and we can get it done.


The landscape with an octopus acts as the sun with its rays reaching out, engaging with the lay community to become the arms of the organization – tentacles of Mercy! Language of Mercy knows no boundaries. A Tapestry of Justice and a new beginning, where the mountains unfold, change happens. The faded heart behind the Octopus, represents a listening heart and attentiveness, curiosity, compassion, enduring hope, and an open mind to listen in a new way. 


The three young women represent the involvement of the young to reach out to the entire world experience: strong spirituality, vast diversity through the process, decisions to arrive at to refine into something concrete. This pandemic has taught us that we are all interconnected with communities of color who are marginalized. There is no separation from God. We are vulnerable with the poor, across cultures and so much more. Relationships and networking are key!


The deer symbolizes majesty, beauty, and love, an embodiment of peace, grace, and gentleness.


The circle of fish – ministry to the margins. In this painting, the fish represent the lay community – working towards the Globalization of Compassion. The idea of fish would immediately bring to mind the good news of Jesus Christ – during his ministry, he referred to his disciples as “fishers of men”.

Lastly, the deep-sea diver swimming through lots of obstacles and opposition to reach the top of the sea – to hear the voice of a strong leader with a common purpose, does require a deep maturity, gives hope that anything can happen and is possible. 

An open mind, an open heart, and open will – identify the non-negotiables for now.


-Tripthi Rodrigues, MIA Staff Member

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