February 17, 2015

Global Action - Opposing Human Trafficking Group Reflect on the Beatitudes

On Tuesday 10 February, nine members of the Global Action - Opposing Human Trafficking group (OHT) from Australia, Ireland, England and United States, gathered for an hour and a half via Adobe Connect for a special session with Elizabeth (Liz) Dowling rsm (ISMAPNG), who is the Theologian working with our group. Liz led us through a very moving and thought provoking reflection on The Beatitudes of Matthew’s Gospel, based on the work of Elaine Wainwright rsm. [1]

Image: Members of the Working Group on Human Trafficking in the Sharing Meeting Room with Anne  Walsh  (Technical Support) being led through the powerpoint by Liz Dowling rsm. Image taken before all members were present.

Prior to our meeting Sr Liz had circulated some reading material on the theme, asking us to reflect critically on our experiences in relation to human trafficking over the past 12 months, with an invitation to be ready to share questions arising from these experiences. Our sharing proved to be a good lead in, to the beautiful power point presentation that Liz walked us through during her 40 minute input.

At the end of this, following a response from some of the participants, Liz invited us to take 10 minutes to reflect on what we had just experienced together, allowing our thoughts to emerge as a personal beatitude. When we gathered again each person read out her beatitude – thus creating a spontaneous and beautiful prayer.

We are collating our beatitudes with a view to praying them together at the beginning of our next Connect call, as a reminder of what we shared and learned from Liz’s theological reflection. Our beatitudes we hope, will call us to reflect on how we link Liz’s teaching into the experiences we encounter in our ministry related to Opposing Human Trafficking.

[1] The material on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5: 1-12) used the work of Elaine Wainwright, The Gospel according to Matthew: The Basileia of the Heavens is Near at Hand (Phoenix Guides to the New Testament; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2014), 61-74.
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Denise Boyle fmdm - Assistant Director Mercy Global Action
Elizabeth Dowling rsm - Theologian

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