September 27, 2007

Global Speakers Series

“…The interdependence of peoples and Christ’s mandate…challenge us to develop a global perspective on the works of mercy.”

Constitution, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.

Greetings from Mercy Burlingame.

Four years ago Mercy Burlingame initiated a Global Speakers Series. Our goal is to highlight the volunteerism of Catherine as lived by women who volunteer in global organizations. In so doing we seek to bring greater awareness to our students of the plight of the poor and disadvantaged of our world. We have had representatives from UNICEF, Peace Corps. A few of our speakers have been Mercy Burlingame graduates!

Thursday, September 27, our Global Speakers are two young women from Mercy Volunteer Corps.

I felt MVC was the appropriate choice this year since Mercy is celebrating the 150th anniversary of founding by Mother Baptist Russell (Sacramento), and our own Mercy Burlingame concluding its 75th, and we just celebrated Mercy Day!

Meghan O’Hara and Julie Sharp are both driving from Sacramento for our event so I have invited them to lunch and rest before Collaboration.

Meghan’s volunteer program is with Loaves and Fishes- in Maryhouse, a daytime shelter for women, and at Friendship Park, which she will explain during her talk. She hopes to pursue a medical career. She is from outside Philadelphia, PA.

Julie Sharp, graduate of Villanova University, volunteers at Clean and Sober where she does a variety of services, i.e. fundraising, assessment, and some intake. She is also interest in the medical field and social work.

Our students will receive Handouts highlighting key areas of Mercy Volunteer Corps. Also, there will be a table set up outside for sign-ups so MVC can stay in touch with our graduates.

We plan on starting at 1:45 and dismissing at 2:45 to allow girls to sign up for info.

We wanted to share our joy in bringing Catherine’s spirit as it lives in our MVC women of today.


Mary Louise Castillo
FL Department Chair
Mercy High School
Burlingame, CA 94025

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