April 26, 2015

Global Transformation: A New Worldview Transforming Humanity (The Congregation)

Members of the Mercy family in attendance—both in person and online—at Sr Carmel Bracken's presentation at the MIA 20th Anniversary celebrations in Dublin in September 2014, will remember the impact this presentation on the topic of global transformation had on those who heard it.

Carmel has made some adjustments to her presentation to ensure it can be widely shared amongst the members of the Mercy family.

Presentation in ENGLISH

Transformación Global y una visión del mundo que está transformando a la humanidad

Cristina Mira rsm (Americas) has since arranged for the presentation to be translated into Spanish. The following files are all in Spanish:

Messages to:
Carmel Bracken rsm
- Author
Cristina Mira rsm - Translator

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