November 09, 2011

Good Cup of Tea Day 11/11/11

As we gather around the world on Friday 11th November, we pray that each gathering will enjoy true Mercy hospitality.

In a beautiful reflection on the ‘Cup and Saucer’ brought by Catherine from Coolock to Baggot Street, Mary Wickham rsm connects encouragement, conviviality , bonds of kindship and hospitality with the image of the cup of tea, but at a deeper level she imagines that it also represents the gift of call and self- giving response.


Did it bring you comfort this china,
The little cup worn and the rim and
Translucent as the shell of an egg,
Reminding you of Coolock days,
The warm liquid soothing and refreshing?
Did you read the leaves all those years ago
And know your life would end
Here in quite another place?
Of life filled
Life emptied
Of call given and fulfilled.
Of encouragement and conviviality,
Bonds of kinship
And gesture of gracious hospitality.
Taking the cup of your life,
The cup of your life,
Drinking the sweet-bitter draught that was yours.

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