February 12, 2019

Graced Encounters

'There are those who walk with us
a little of the way, open our eyes
awaken our hearts and leave us better
for being with them.

They are a gift to us
The presence of Spirit
The flesh and blood of Love'

These verses from Noel Davis’s poem Graced Encounters expressed the sentiments of a group of Sisters of Mercy in Brisbane who celebrate their Golden Jubilee this year.  Nine members of the original group, who began novitiate in 1966 and whose journey has taken them along other paths, hosted a beautiful High Tea celebration to honour their long-time friends celebrating 50 Years as Sisters of Mercy.   It was a wonderful celebration of friendship, storytelling and sharing life journeys.  Our poet laureate, Colleen Heathwood expressed it in her poem Golden Jubilee

'I look at the photo of 1966
Twenty-eight of us made a wonderful mix.
We began a journey on a sacred road.
We’d share and carry each other’s load.

We’ve all journeyed our own way. But today we celebrate
Our Golden Jubilarians, we congratulate.

Sisters of Mercy, it’s your Golden Jubilee
But we’re all sisters together, as we were in the beginning
and ever shall be.'

Messages to: Sandra Lupi rsm

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