September 01, 2021

Greetings for Mercy Day 2021

For many years, Sisters, Associates, Communities, Ministries, Congregations, and Institutes, as well as members of the global Mercy network, have sent in their Mercy Day Greetings for posting on our website. These are widely read and greatly appreciated. In 2021, we carry this tradition forward and kindly request that all those in our Mercy circle share your Mercy Day greetings.

To share your greeting, please use the comment feature below or email the following address with your comments and images. Comments sent via email will be posted on this page by MIA staff.


- Mercy Day Greeting to all from the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney.

We send loving wishes and prayers to all our Mercy Family Worldwide.  May we all embrace, share, and reflect the loving compassion of our God in imitation of Catherine in our fragile world and all Creation.

-Sr. Susan DeGuide and the 19 Sisters of the US Region of the Sisters of Mercy   

- Mercy Day Greeting from Mercy Education System of the Americas

Mercy Day Greetings

Message from Jan Barnett rsj

Thinking of you on this Mercy day. I love the Peter Steele poem and send it with hope and gratitude for all you do and are for mercy through our world.

Mercy Day Greetings to all people of Mercy. It is wonderful to join with so many this week in the MIA Generative Conversation. "We can never say it is enough."

-Sr. Denise Fox rsm  

Mercy Day greetings from Aotearoa New Zealand, Tonga and Samoa. We give thanks for the gift of Mercy that was conceived by the Spirit and born in Jesus and witnessed in Catherine McAuley and the many sisters, associates and companions in ministry throughout the world. May the imprint of God’s tender love for the poor and all creation continue to inspire us today.

-Ngā Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand

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