June 27, 2006

Help Build a Mercy Hospital (Philippines)

We, the Sisters of Mercy in the Philippines would like to make an appeal for assistance to our cause, a building of a 100-bed capacity hospital in Tacloban City, Philippines. Many of our poor people cannot afford to pay big hospital bills. We want to help them by building a hospital for them. It will serve (2) purposes: we can use the hospital as training centre or base hospital for our nursing students; and serve the sick poor in our locality.

The construction is planned to be done in a progressive manner. We will start with the wards and areas for basic equipment, then progress as funds allow.

We look forward to your kind attention to this concern, and for your favourable response. Thank you and God bless.

Inquiries to Sr M Lourdes Amascual rsm
Superior General
RSM Philippines

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