April 16, 2014

Help Make a Difference - Make Your Chocolate Fair Trade This Easter

Sisters of Mercy and our Partners-in-ministry working in advocacy and with victims of human trafficking are asking that we choose Fair Trade chocolate this Easter and all year round.

About 40% of the world’s chocolate is made from cocoa beans picked in West Africa, where children as young as 12 are picking cocoa to make the chocolate we eat. Some of these children are trafficked. Most are forced to pick cocoa from an early age for minimal or no wages, for long hours, in dangerous working conditions, without any possibility of attending school.

Join the movement to help change this and choose chocolate with cocoa that has been ethically sourced. The best option is Fair Trade. Other ethical sources for chocolate are UTZ certified and Rainforest Alliance

Before you buy chocolates think about where it comes from and who makes it. Fair Trade means NO child slavery.

Links to sites and social media for information on fair trade (slave free) products including Easter eggs are:


Fair Trade USA
Equal Exchange Co-op
Global Exchange

PETITION Petitioning Mondelez International,the world’s largest chocolate company
Mondelez: end child trafficking in your chocolate by setting a public deadline to certify your entire chocolate range #traffikfreechocolate Sign the petition here

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