February 12, 2014

Help us to Identify Everyone in this Group Photo

This photo is of the members of the First Working group for MIA, taken in August 1990.

The group had assembled at Baggot Street in the Community Room (now the International Room) to review the proposals put forward for the use of the property in response to the question: 'If Catherine looked at Baggot Street today, how would she have us use this space?’

We invite your help in identifying who is who. If you see yourself in this image, please let us know.


Back Row. L-r: Carol Rittner rsm (US), Regina Kelly rsm (Ireland), Dervilla Byrne rsm (Ireland), Patricia March rsm (Newfoundland), Thecla Duffy rsm ( GB Institute ), R.I.P, Maria Lourdes Amascual rsm (Philippines), Maura Mullen rsm (GB Institute)

Third Row. L-r: Kathleen Schneider rsm, (Americas),  Mary Gleeson rsm (Aotearoa New Zealand), Magdalen rsm (Gravesend UK), Mary Trainer rsm (US), Margaret McDonald rsm (ANZ), Assumpta Bolger rsm (Ireland), Mary Waskowiak rsm (US), Margaret Mary Kennedy rsm (GB Union), Brigid McNally rsm (GB Union), Philomena Bowers rsm (GB Union)

Second Row. L-r: Canice Hanrahan rsm (Ireland), Patricia McMahon rsm (GB Union), Magdalena Frisby rsm RIP (Ireland), Catherine Quane rsm (GB Institute), Sebastian Cashen rsm RIP (Ireland), Felicitas Powers rsm (US), Angela Bolster rsm RIP (Ireland), M. Francis Añover rsm (Philippines), Catherine Widdicombe rsm, Attracta Canny rsm (Ireland),  Leonie O'Neill rsm (ANZ)

Front Row. L-r :Fr J O'Mahony (Facilitator), Clare O'Sullivan rsm (Ireland), Kath Burke rsm (Australia), Carmel Dwan rsm (Australia),  Mary Quinn rsm (Australia), Louis Mary Battle rsm RIP (US), Mary Lou Hogan rsm (US), Marion McCarthy rsm (GB Institute), Veronica Condon rsm (South Africa)

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