October 11, 2006

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

The 17th October is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

On this day all Mercy people and Mercy networks are invited to reflect on the call in the Visioning Statement of Mercy International Association to focus on addressing the reality of extreme poverty in our world, particularly in its current demonstration in the massive displacement of persons worldwide.

Related News Items

1. New Vatican Secretary of State Proposes a universal commitment in favor of the poor.

The Vatican's new secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, is proposing a "universal commitment" in favor of the poor as part of the Vatican's new diplomatic agenda.

In his first address to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, Cardinal Bertone articulated today the Vatican's top priorities.

"We need a universal commitment in favor of the most disinherited of the planet, of the poorest, of people who often seek in vain for something to live, and so that their families can live..."

The cardinal said: "The dignity, freedom and unconditional respect of every human being in his fundamental rights, in particular, his freedom of conscience and religion, must be part of our primary concerns, as we cannot be lacking in solidarity with the fate and future of our brothers and sisters in humanity."

Nor can we "be truly at peace given the sufferings that disfigure man and which are before our eyes every day," he added.

Cardinal Bertone expressed his hopes for diplomatic comittment " to a new drive of solidarity among all peoples, in particular to reconsider the issue of the poorest countries' debt, so that there will never again be people, especially children, who die of hunger or endemic illnesses.

"So that there will never again be people who are innocent victims of wars or local conflicts; so that there will never again be people who are mistreated because of their convictions or beliefs."

According to Cardinal Bertone, "the problem of peace" must have priority in present-day concerns.

Adele Howard rsm Chair MIACOM

2. Encounter with Jeffrey Sachs

In a recent encounter with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Adele Howard rsm (Australia) thanked him for the inspiration of his work with world leaders to eliminate extreme poverty.

Adele talked with Professor Sachs about the Mercy International Association Visioning Statement and about the Mercy and Justice Shall Meet DVD/CD-ROM and education materials. Professor Sach's showed great interest in these resources and was pleased to accept a copy of these justice education materials. He spoke with great admiration for the work of the Sisters of Mercy for justice in our world.

Adele Howard rsm Chair MIACOM

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